FAQ Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is also known as Round Annapurna Trek/Annapurna Round Trek. Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the best classical treks in Nepal. Annapurna Circuit Trek is most popular trek in Nepal which is started from Besisahar and ended in Muktinath or Jomsom. If trekkers have interested long trek in Nepal then you can do Manaslu Circuit Trek to Annapurna Circuit Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek to Upper Mustang Trek.
Annapurna circuit trekking is that the world’s top ten best-hiking destinations. And it's a strenuous trek in Nepal. it's about 2 weeks’ holiday and there are numerous things that require to be prepared before you start your trek to Annapurna circuit, but the main FAQs about Annapurna Circuit trekking are recommended to read before heading to Annapurna trekking.

FAQ Annapurna Circuit Trek -  Annapurna Circuit Trek FAQ

What are the best months to trek to the Annapurna circuit?

The best months for trekking within the Annapurna circuit area are September to November (autumn season), Similarly Mid of February to finish of May (spring season). Trekking in Nepal almost every trekking reason autumn and spring is that the best months to go to because The temperature gets mild sky get also very clear and blue a day , No rain generally, the valleys looks more scenic so from all prospective, spring season and autumn season are the simplest trekking months the Annapurna circuit trekking.

How difficulties is Annapurna Circuit trek/Round Annapurna trek?

The Annapurna circuit trekking may be a strenuous beginning from the low elevation. During this beautiful classic trek, you don’t got to climb or no need Technical knowledge. If you're simply fit and follow the pre manageable itinerary provided by your agency or guide, then you'll complete this trip with none obstacles.
Trekking to Annapurna circuit goes through various terrains and leads you to the highest of Thorong-La pass at 5416m. the upper you go, the harder path made my stones will become thanks to the rising altitude. After 5 hour drive from Kathmandu to Besisahar the road are going to be quite dusty and muddy sometimes, but really scenic drive, however, if you've got few weeks of exercise before you trek to the Annapurna circuit then you'll make it easier, but you're recommended to has experienced guide.

Is there a risk of hypoxia while trekking round the Annapurna circuit?

Trekking the Himalayas itself is adventurous and, it's a touch risky The Annapurna circuit trek may be a strenuous route for hikers, although you better to be safe and luxuriate in your holiday. If you're experienced trekkers or if you had already similar hiking experiences before you attend the Annapurna circuit, then you'll complete it without hypoxia , But We never know what is going to happen. For sure, if you follow the overall itinerary and if you retain your same pace while walking round the Annapurna circuit Trek, which will take you.
You are suggested to drink 3 to 4 liter of water a day , and check out to eat enough food and keep your slow pace while walking, then you'll be fine to urge hypoxia .

What type of accommodation you'll get during the Annapurna circuit trek?

Lodges and tea houses are the foremost important things while you're trekking the high altitude area, likewise, during the Annapurna circuit trek, you'll get private rooms with two different separate beds, Small tea tables, pillows, and a cushty mattress.
However, trekking round the Annapurna circuit trek is sort of facilitated, where you don’t got to carry your Mattress, pillow, or tent because along the trail of circuit Annapurna there are quite some lodges and tea houses to remain private which is safe. Trekking during the spring and autumn season to the Annapurna circuit is sort of a busy time which suggests you'll need a bag otherwise another trekking season you don’t got to carry even your bag , The owner of your lodge provide you a warm blanket.
One more thing to share with you is while trekking to the Annapurna circuit you've got to ask together with your agency what quite accommodation will get because there are basically normal rooms for you from your package price, but if you would like a more luxurious room with inside bathroom than your agency may arrange it But not every settlement.

What is the estimated allow the Annapurna circuit trek?

The Budget of your trek will depend upon the length and group size however If you've got $ 25US each day per person who are going to be enough to possess 3 different meals each day , Your Accommodation and Tea/Coffee.
Furthermore, if you would like to spree a touch bit more and buy some extra food, snacks, drinks, donation, Tips, or other expenses personally then you've got to believe spending up to $ 35 US to $ 40 US each day per person.
The estimated budget approximately for the Annapurna circuit trek:
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner- $ 20 US
Accommodation Double bed- $ 5 US (It may be a living room without bathroom)
ACAP Permit per head- $ 30 US
TIMS entry permit- $ 10 US
Tea or coffee per Cup- $ 1.5 US
Toilet tissue rolls- $ 1 to $3 US
Energy bar/Snicker- $ 1.5 US to three US
Remember that costs may get higher alongside rising altitude.
Where does the Annapurna circuit trek start and end?
The Classical Annapurna circuit trek starts in Lamjung Besisahar but now there are roads in order that , you'll skip Basisahar and make this trek shorter. If you're short on time or only 10, 12 day time for this trek then you'll customize your itinerary. The trek ends at Nayapul if you're trekking through Ghorepani.
This trek are often done within a minimum of 10 Days and therefore the following classic route takes 18 days.

What type trekking permit do i want for the Annapurna circuit trek?

Yes, all trekkers need an Annapurna conservation area (ACAP) permit and TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System Card) Card. Both entry permits are often obtained at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) in Kathmandu and also in Damside, Pokhara.
Are Guide and porter Compulsory to Hire?
Well, Guide and Porters aren't compulsory to rent for the Annapurna circuit trek, it are often avoided , which suggests if you would like to hike by yourself to Annapurna then just be safe and trek yourself.
Trekking with an experienced guide is basically useful and helpful, if you're curious to understand about Nepal, the faith , Landscapes, Mountains, and other major highlights then having a guide is not any doubt an ideal thanks to explore the region.
You are recommended to possess a minimum of one guide while trekking and if you've got backache, knee problem, or less experience for a trek then you'll have a porter to hold your bag.

Is there Wi-Fi, hot shower, charger available during the trek?

While trekking round the Annapurna region, most of the Tea Houses, Lodges, or Guesthouses will offer Wi-Fi, a Hot Shower, charger with alittle amount of cash . The WI-FI service might not be in no time can check emergency messages or important updated for your work.

How long do I even have to steer every day?

Well, the trekking hour generally depends on the route you enter the case of the Annapurna circuit trek you've got to steer about 4 to eight hours. Trekking over the Thorong La pass is that the longest day of this trek. There are altitudes limitations that a maximum 600 meter ascending is your daily limit to steer .

Is Normal water safe to drink during Annapurna circuit trekking?

The normal water from the faucet in Nepal isn't safe beverage , unless if you boil it or filter it's drinkable and safe. within the case of Annapurna circuit trekking, there are many water resources like water , waterfalls rivers, ponds, etc. they're not all drinkable so, you've got to boil the water, filter water, use tablets, or need to buy drinking water from the lodge.

If you're budget travelers or worldwide travelers you'll be tight in budget hence, you'll use water purification tablets and drink water. Normal waters from the faucet , tank, and rivers all free During Annapurna circuit trekking.

Do we need insurance for Annapurna circuit trekking?

Yes, Big yes. Travel insurance may be a really important part while you're traveling. similarly, for Annapurna circuit trekking you've got to possess insurance.
You are suggested to possess excellent travel insurance for your Nepal tour, which will cover your emergency evacuation and medical conditions. make certain together with your travel insurance which will cover 5,416 meters high, because it is that the highest spot during the Annapurna circuit trek. If you purchase an insurance package minimum of $ 90 US that might cover, just in case if you would like emergency service from the mountain of Annapurna.

Is Solo woman trekker safe around Annapurna circuit trek?

Around the world, i feel Nepal is one among the safest countries to travel. Solo women travelers also are safe to travel in Nepal.
For Annapurna circuit trekking, we've to pass many traditional villages and that they are quite superstitious so you're suggested to wear all covering cloth and polite with local people. within the case of a city, if you're a solo women visitor then don’t walk around alone after 11 pm. Next, take a guide with you for your Annapurna trek, he will lookout of you and also he are going to be your guard and you are feeling safer while trekking.

What is the reasonable weight for a porter to hold in Nepal?

A porter carries 12.5 kg each trekker, and there's one porter for 2 trekkers, which suggests a porter carries a maximum of 20 kg weight during the trek. the additional luggage you've got here within the city, you'll store in your hotel to scale back more weight for a porter.