Why Book With Us

Since many years, our professional team at Himalayan Asia Treks worked to provide you with full service delivery to our trekkers. We have helped from time you approach us, discussion prior to begin any trek and necessary trek preparations, scheduling meeting at the airport and induction programs before exact trek, along with pre plus post transport, actual trek, after trek activities and special rewards. We are listing in TripAdviser , Trustpilot and other sites where our customer share their experiences about their trip.
Our professionals deliver each of these stages with the prime objective to stay connected with clients, understand the necessary aspirations, create a clear and a trustworthy relations, determine the specific goals and requirements, while most significantly participate in the life experience to experience an immersive as well as a spectacular time together. We set up our strong business on our good reputation and trustworthy as well as long-lasting relations with our clients. Key aspects related to our delivered services are-
Safety at the Top Priority:
Irrespective of where we remain present or what we do, we always work by keeping your safety at the top priority. We have well trained staffs to deliver you hygiene, first aid facility, personal level of protection, optimum usage of equipments, rope fixing, compass and map reading. Especially, we deal with every type of emergency while trekking across high mountain regions efficiently and effectively.
Flexibility constitutes the core to the safety principles of related to our work. We are also well familiar with the problem of altitude sickness among trekkers. Hence, we design our itinerary to provide you with adequate time for acclimatization during nights, while moving to high altitudes only during daytime. In this way, we provide any health problems of our trekkers largely.
Quality Service and Professionalism-Core of the Business:
Delivery of high quality of services and professionalism act as two major cores of our business. Our Himalayan Asia Trek solely believes in making investment in the people to deliver with memorable experience. We have trained and experienced staffs to deliver a professional level of service and build trust with clients within no time based on referrals, experience and opinions of our trekkers.
Specialties in Our Guides:
Guides working under our Himalayan Asia Trek possess registrations, license and certifications from the Nepal government. They even of locality sourced from various trek areas. In addition, we have multilingual porters and guides.
Fully Equipped to Deal with Mountain Weather Conditions:
Our professional teams always remain fully equipped to deal with weather conditions across the mountain regions. We never make any compromise on the delivery of the best possible equipments for our staffs.
Therefore, with our effective equipments, safety concerns, professionalism, qualified and licensed guides, you will expect to get a successful and an enjoyable trekking experience in the Himalayan mountain regions in your life.
  • Best Customer Service Experiences.
  • Guaranteed Departures.
  • Team of Experts.
  • Competitive Prices.
  • 99.99% Success Rate.
  • Thirteen Years of Experience.
  • Financial protection and data security.
  • Customized tours and personalized service.
  • No hidden cost or extra charge.
  • Concern in health and safty.
  • Local and Govrment register company in Nepal.
  • 0 % Rescue Rate.