About Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the majestic landscapes of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet with Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P Ltd. Offering meticulously crafted Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages, they ensure an enriching experience tailored to your preferences. Explore ancient temples, serene monasteries, and breathtaking vistas while immersing yourself in the diverse cultures of these Himalayan nations. With competitive Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour prices and comprehensive itineraries, including the 13-day classic Tibet Nepal Bhutan Overland tour, they guarantee value for your investment. Discover the best time to visit Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet as their expert guides lead you through this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Experience the magic of holidays to Bhutan and Tibet with Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P Ltd.

Nepal, the first stop on this extraordinary adventure, is a land of contrasts. From the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the tranquil monasteries of the Himalayan foothills, Nepal boasts a wealth of cultural treasures and breathtaking landscapes. You'll have the chance to visit iconic landmarks like Swayambhunath (the Monkey Temple), Boudhanath Stupa, and the ancient city of Bhaktapur. You can also partake in awe-inspiring activities such as trekking in the Annapurna or Everest regions, or even embarking on a thrilling wildlife safari in Chitwan National Park. Nepal's warm hospitality and diverse heritage will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your soul.

Continuing your journey, you'll find yourself in the hidden kingdom of Bhutan, often referred to as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon." Bhutan is a realm of enchantment, where Gross National Happiness is prioritized over GDP, and traditional culture is preserved with fervor. The Paro Taktsang Monastery, also known as the Tiger's Nest, is an iconic site that clings to the cliffs of a rugged mountain, and exploring the vibrant streets of Thimphu and Punakha offers insights into Bhutanese life and customs. Bhutan's pristine landscapes, featuring soaring peaks, lush valleys, and pristine rivers, provide the perfect backdrop for hiking and cultural immersion.

Finally, your journey takes you to the enigmatic region of Tibet, where the spiritual and historical treasures of Lhasa, the Potala Palace, and Jokhang Temple beckon. Witnessing the devotion of pilgrims circumambulating these sacred sites is a humbling experience. The stark beauty of the Tibetan Plateau, with its serene lakes and sweeping vistas, will captivate your senses. Explore the ancient monasteries of Shigatse and Gyantse, as well as the remote, high-altitude settlements of the Tibetan plateau, and gain insight into the unique Tibetan way of life.

Himalayan Asia Treks, your trusted travel companion on this epic adventure, ensures that you have a seamless and enriching experience throughout your Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour. Their team of experienced guides and local experts will take care of all the logistics, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of these Himalayan destinations. From arranging comfortable accommodations to organizing cultural interactions and ensuring your safety in the high-altitude regions, Himalayan Asia Treks is committed to making your journey memorable.

In conclusion, the Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour with Himalayan Asia Treks is a life-changing expedition that promises not only to broaden your horizons but also to touch your heart. It's a blend of culture, spirituality, and natural beauty that few other journeys can rival. This adventure offers a rare opportunity to traverse the unique landscapes and absorb the rich traditions of the Himalayan region, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Overview: Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Package is the tour that mingles the grandeurs of The Land of the Himalayas, The Land of Thunder Dragon, and The Roof of the World. Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Packages covers in one complete travel itinerary, offering the most exciting part of the unique cultures, ancient art, and architecture, revealing the country's natural magnificence simultaneously. This tour is packaged as a 21-day tour program starting from Kathmandu by visiting various heritage Sites, and scenic flights to Bhutan. In Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Package, we drive outside Kathmandu viz Sauraha (Chitwan) and Pokhara. We will be on a couple of days adventurous tour and finally going tour to Lhasa, Tibet ending after the return flight from Tibet to Kathmandu.

The first part of the tour begins with a visit to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu, via Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, the largest in Asia, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square while heading back from Nagarkot. Then, we will hideout for a night to enjoy the dusk and dawn at this beautiful hill station, the sun-kissed mountain ranges, and those green valleys on the outskirt.

The second one is the trip to Bhutan via flight from Kathmandu to Paro- complete the tour and fly back. We will travel through the city of Paro, several towns and villages, renowned dzongs (fortresses), temples, and ancient landmarks. Popular sites like Rinpung Dzong/Paro DzongTaktsang Palphug Monastery (Tiger's Nest), BBS Tower, Dochu La Pass, Punakha Dzong, and many more are included in this Nepal Bhutan Tour package. We will comprehend and appreciate how ancient Bhutan, the art and architecture, cultures, and even natural beauties are impressively preserved to this era.

For Tibet/Lhasa Tour, we will enter via the Kyirong border overland and drive into the heart of Lhasa. While en route, we will visit various renowned destinations, and with a short hike from Rongbuk, we reach the north of Mt. Everest Base Camp - EBC. Finally, we will fly back to Kathmandu from Lhasa and end this memorable tour the next day after our home country. We will primarily learn about ancient Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet, the modern one, art and architecture, cultures, and natural beauties. 

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Package includes some flavor with a few adventures like Elephant back safari, canoeing in Sauraha, and hiking in Pokhara and Bhutan, all in one complete travel plan.

What is a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour?

A Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour is a combined tour package that allows you to explore three distinct Himalayan destinations: Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. It offers an opportunity to experience the diverse culture, breathtaking landscapes, ancient temples, monasteries, and historical sites of these three countries.

How long does a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour usually last?

The duration of a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour can vary depending on the itinerary and the preferences of the traveler. Generally, these tours can range from 21 days or more , allowing ample time to explore the highlights of each country.

What are some popular attractions included in a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour?

In Nepal, popular attractions include Kathmandu Valley, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath, Pokhara, and Chitwan National Park. In Bhutan, attractions may include Paro Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Thimphu, and the scenic valleys of Bumthang. In Tibet, popular attractions include Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Everest Base Camp, and Lake Namtso.

How can I travel between Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet during the tour?

Travel between Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet usually involves a combination of flights and land transportation. You can fly from major cities like Kathmandu in Nepal to Paro in Bhutan. From Bhutan, you would fly back to either Kathmandu or another city in India like Delhi or Kolkata. To travel from Nepal to Tibet, you can take a flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa, or opt for an overland journey via the border town of Zhangmu.

Do I need special permits to visit Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet?

Yes, special permits are required to visit Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. In Nepal, you will need a visa which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport or at the border checkpoints. For Bhutan, you will require a visa, and all tourists must book their tours through authorized travel agencies in Bhutan. In Tibet, you will need a Tibet Travel Permit, which is arranged by the tour operator or travel agency you choose for your trip.

When is the best time to take a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour?

The best time to take a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour is generally during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is pleasant, and the skies are clear. These months offer favorable conditions for sightseeing and outdoor activities. However, it's important to check specific weather patterns and seasonal considerations for each destination before planning your trip.

Can I customize my Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour itinerary?

Yes, many travel agencies and tour operators offer customizable itineraries for Nepal Bhutan Tibet tours. You can work with them to tailor the itinerary according to your preferences, budget, and the duration of your trip. They can help you incorporate specific attractions, activities, or accommodations that align with your interests and requirements.

What should I pack for a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour?

When packing for a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour, it is important to consider the weather and activities you will be engaging in. Generally, pack comfortable clothing suitable for both warm and cool temperatures, as weather conditions can vary. Additionally, include sturdy walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a rain jacket, and a daypack for excursions. Don't forget to carry essential travel documents such as passports, permits, and visas.

Are there any health considerations for a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour?

It's advisable to consult with your healthcare provider or a travel medicine specialist before embarking on a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour. They can provide guidance on necessary vaccinations, medications, and precautions to take based on your health condition and the areas you plan to visit. It's also recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and evacuation.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour is designed for those travelers who can visit three popular destinations in Asia: Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. If you need to upgrade the hotel and change Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Itinerary, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and connect us through WhatsApp / Viber: +9779851098880. 


  • Historical Kathmandu City Tour.
  • Beautiful Pokhara City Tour.
  • Chitwan Jungle Safari.
  • Tiger Nest Monastery in Bhutan.
  • Punakha and Thimpu City Tour.
  • Different chorten and monastery tour in Bhutan.
  • Dochula Pass in Bhutan.
  • Lhasa Tour.
  • Different monasteries in Lhasa.
  • Potala House in Lhasa.

Day to Day Itinerary

The first day is the day you arrive at the Land of The Himalayas-Nepal. You will be landing at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu. We cordially welcome you at the airport and transfer you to our hotel in Kathmandu. After your hotel check-in formalities, you can get refreshed and get some rest to overcome the tiresome long-haul flight, perhaps!

In the evening before dinner, a short briefing session will be held to familiarize you all about your upcoming trips. An introduction with an authentic Nepalese cuisine at your first dinner would be the perfect greetings for you to heartily welcome in this cultural-rich country. Let’s enjoy dinner!

Overnight at hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Kathmandu.

Rise and shine! Enjoy your breakfast. Today, we will have a full day sightseeing tour in Kathmandu. All these sites will be the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We begin our tour from Kathmandu Durbar Square. Listed by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kathmandu Durbar Square has gradually been fascinating spot since decades for all visitors. We, then proceed towards Swayambhunath, which is to the west of the city. Swayambhunath Stupa located at hill-top, with fabulous views of Kathmandu city, green hills that surround the valley and High Mountains. Swayambhunath, one of the oldest historical sites listed in the World Heritage, of more than 2,500 years old Buddhist religion.

Next, we drive to Pashupatinath Temple-the largest temple complex in Nepal and biggest Hindu temple in the World. The temple is situated on the banks of Bagmati river and is one of the main temples of Lord Shiva.

Finally, we will hit the north road, heading for Boudhanath Stupa, a few minutes driving. Boudhanath is one of the largest Stupas in South Asia which was built on the ancient trade route to Tibet. 
Overnight in Kathmandu.


  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Kathmandu.

Today, we will be flying to Paro International Airport, Bhutan. An hour-long flight, approximately!

Breakfast in the morning at the hotel. We pack our luggage and get ready for check-out from the hotel. We will be picked up from our hotel and dropped off at the airport for our Paro flight. Enjoy the flight with amazing views especially the Eastern part of the Himalayas including Everest as well.

Arrive at Paro International Airport and after clearing immigration and custom clearance, we will be picked up by our guide and driver outside the terminal building and transfer to Thimphu, around 54km is about 1-hour drive. Meet and greet with our hotel representative after arrival and check-in and get refreshed with some rest. In the evening, enjoy walking around in the streets of Thimphu and get acquainted with the local lifestyle a bit.

Overnight at the hotel in Thimphu.

  • Meals: Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Thimphu.

Our Bhutan tour begins from today for next few days. All these tours will be overland.

This morning after breakfast at the hotel, we drive to Tashichho Dzong, the summer residence of Je Khenpo, the Chief Abbot, housing most of the Government’s office and also the room for King’s Throne.
Next visit will be at National Library, where we can find a massive collection of ancient Buddhist texts and manuscripts. Our tour continues towards Arts & Crafts School visit to watch the student’s impressive work of traditional Thangkha paintings over fabrics. Textile and Folk Heritage Museums is another spot we will visit and get to know about the traditional Bhutanese life and culture. Next visit will be at Handicrafts Emporium, where we will find those attractive hand-woven and crafted materials produced by the locals.

Out next destination will be at Memorial Chorten, built in the memory of The Third King and Father of Modern Bhutan- King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. We then, head towards Punakha. First, we will visit Dochula Chorten (3,080m) and next Wangdue Phodrang, both of them are on the way to Punakha.
Back to hotel for dinner and overnight stay in Punakha.

  • Meals: Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Punakha.

Today, we will drive back to Paro. However, while tracing the road back, we will visit few beautiful places- all of them en route to Paro.

After breakfast, at first, we will drive to Punakha Dzong. This Dzong was built in 1637 on a stretch of land where two rivers, the Phochhu and the Mochhu converge, Punakha Dzong appears as a great anchored ship. It is known to be the second oldest and the second largest Dzong in Bhutan. It was named as “Pungthang Dechen Phodrang Dzong”, which means ‘the palace of great bliss or happiness’. At the Punakha Dzong, Bhutan’s first king (Gongsa Ugyen Wangchuck) was crowned in 1907. Punakha was the first capital of Bhutan and the dzong served as the center of the government.
Next, we continue drive to Wangdue Phodrang, popular for bamboo products, stone and slate carvings, etc. We will visit Dzong and scan through the local market.

After lunch at Wangdue, we will hit the road for Dochula Pass and have a brief layover. Next, we will visit Simtokha Dzong which is on the way right below to the South of Thimphu. Simtokha Dzong is means- on the top of a demon, as the name suggests it was built to safe guard the traveler by overcoming to an evil spirit in the region. The Dzong was built in 1627, with unique 12 sides, inside it holds numerous idols, statues and carved detail paintings of different Buddhas, deities and figures of Buddhist religions, including The Eight Manifestations for Buddhist studies.

Finally, we will continue drive to Paro. Arrive at Paro hotel and get refreshed and some rest.
Our dinner and overnight stay at the hotel in Paro.

  • Meals: Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Paro.

Today, we will hike to Taktsang Palphug Monastery- the renowned monastery of Bhutan, as “Tiger lair” or “Tiger’s Nest”, monastery with caves standing at 3,180m at the edge of a steep cliff (900m above Paro valley), where Guru Rinpoche (the spiritual master) mediated in the cave. To reach Taktsang, it takes around 3-5-hours hike, depending upon our pace.In the later trip, we will visit Ta Dzong, the National Museum of the Kingdom, which holds the collection of impressive art and artifacts, beautiful thangkha paintings and Nation’s postage stamps. The dzong was built in 1967 as a Watch Tower.After, Ta Dzong, we will hike down the trail towards Rinpung Dzong, widely known as Paro Dzong, the name suggests literal translated meaning for “Fortress on a Heap of Jewels “ as it covers the large collection of treasured buildings built with an architecture in style, the courtyards, temples, offices and accommodating area, all surrounded by its towering walls. Rinpung/Paro Dzong is located on bank of Paro Chuu which is merely at a distance of 3km from the town of Paro and 10km from the Paro International Airport.

Our dinner and overnight stay at the hotel in Paro.

  • Meals: Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Paro.

Upon our arrival in Kathmandu, we will be picked up from the Kathmandu airport. On the way to hotel, we will visit Pashupatinath, the biggest and holiest Hindu Temple in the World, preserved as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next, a few minutes’ drive to the North is Boudhanath, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the biggest Buddha Stupa in the Asia. We then, head back to our hotel, get checked-in and get refreshed with some rest. Evening is a leisure, we can go shopping, find souvenirs or hunt for unique food or the cultural one- upon your choice of taste, or stroll around the streets of the city.

Our dinner and overnight stay will be at the hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Kathmandu.

Today, we will start our adventurous and scenic tour outside Kathmandu. After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive to Sauraha (Chitwan) around 4-5 hours driving. Arrive at Sauraha, meet and greet with our hotel representative and check-in at the hotel. Get refreshed and some rest.

In the late afternoon/evening, we will walk/drive around the Tharu village. Before sunset we will arrive at the bank of Rapti River to enjoy beautiful and tranquil sunset. Night show will be at Tharu Culture House, Sauraha. Back to hotel and dinner.
Overnight stay at the hotel in Sauraha.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Sauraha.

Today is going to an adventurous day. After breakfast in the morning, we will head for Elephant Back Safari. The Safari ride will be inside the Chitwan National Park jungle. Next, we will head towards Elephant breeding center. And finally, our adventure will be on a canoe ride along the Rapti river into the jungle and villages. We will get a chance to see different species of wild and marine animals and birds.

Head back to the hotel and have some rest. In the evening, we can go walk around the Rapti river for another beautiful sunset again.

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel in Sauraha.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Location: Sauraha.

This morning after breakfast, we will drive to Pokhara which is to the north of Chitwan. The drive will take approximately 4 hours to reach Pokhara. On the way to hotel, we will visit International Mountain Museum at Pokhara or visit after check-in and refreshment. In the evening, we will have a walk around the bank of Fewa Lake.

Overnight at the hotel in Pokhara.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Pokhara.

Early morning, we will drive to a beautiful hill station called Sarangkot, from where Paragliding over Pokhara takes off. From the top, we will enjoy the stunning sunrise over the distant horizon and the sun-kissed Annapurna Himalayas to the North. From Sarangkot, we head towards Phewa Lake on the base. Breakfast en route. We will take a reserved boat with a professional boatman and head towards the starting point/base of World Peace Stupa for a hike. We will leave the boat and start hiking uphill into the jungle following the stoned trails towards Pagoda. Reach atop and layover while enjoying the mesmerizing view of Annapurna range, Pokhara city, lakes and the outskirts.We then hike down towards Devi’s fall, 1 hour. Visit Davi’s fall. 

Overnight in Pokhara.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Pokhara.

Breakfast at the hotel. Today, we will take a flight to head back to Kathmandu. It’s just a 30 mins. flight. Or we can choose to drive along the highway to Kathmandu. This drive takes 5-6 hours.We arrive at Kathmandu and check-in at the hotel and some rest.Later, we will have a briefing about our Tibet tour. We will get all our required documents rechecked and keep them safe and handy for the next day.

Overnight in Kathmandu.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Kathmandu.

After breakfast, we will start our morning scenic drive from Kathmandu to Kyirong (Nepal-Tibet) border traversing through Nepalese countryside gorges, waterfalls, forests, landmarks, etc. Upon arrival at the border, our guide will carry out all the necessary immigration formalities in both Nepalese and Tibet borders. After formalities being done, we will head towards Kyirong town (20Km) and check-in at the hotel. Get refreshed and some rest. We will have a brief street walk outside the hotel in the evening.

Overnight in Kyirong town.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Kyirong town.

Today, after breakfast, journey to New Tingri (Shegar) will begin with a drive. We will pass by the most sacred cave of Milarepa Yogi which dates back to the 11th century and also the birth place of Milarepa. Continue drive through Gongthang La Pass at the elevation of over 5000m. Then drive along Pekutso lake and continue to Old Tingri at the distance of around 100Km from Pekutso. The scenery is extremely beautiful with Shisha Bangma snow mountain on the right and Pekutso on the left. During pleasant weather, one can enjoy the view of Mt. Everest on the way to Old Tingri. We continue drive on the friendship highway and reach New Tingri after one-hour. Overnight in New Tingri.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: New Tingri.

After breakfast, we will leave Shegar for Rongbuk. After reaching Rongbuk up to where the vehicle can reach/permitted, we will start hike towards EBC (5,200m). We then arrive at the North of the Mt. Everest Base Camp. We will explore EBC and enjoy the beauty of the Majestic Mountain. After exploration, we will hike back to Rongbuk. At Rongbuk, we will saddle up for our long drive back to Shigatse. Arrive at Shigatse and check-in at the hotel and get refreshed and some rest.

After dinner, retire for the night at the hotel in Shigatse.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Shigatse.

Today, we will leave Shigatse for Gyantse. After breakfast, we will first drive to Tashi Lumpo Monastery and drive to Gyantse. In the evening, we will visit Kunbum Stupa and Pelkhor Monastery.

Our dinner and overnight stay will be at the hotel in Gyantse.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Gyantse.

Morning breakfast and we will drive to Lhasa, passing through two beautiful passes Karo La (5010m) and Kamba La (4794m). En route, we will also pass through Yamdroke Tsho aka Scorpion Lake.

Arrive at Lhasa and check-in at the hotel and get refreshed with some rest.

Our dinner and overnight stay will be at the hotel in Lhasa.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Lhasa.

Today after breakfast, we will enjoy our full day Lhasa tour. We start our tour after picking up from the hotel and drive to Polala Palace. The Potala Palace is known for the winter palace of Dalai Lama, standing at 3,700 m high on the Red Mountain in center of Lhasa valley since the 7th century, later the Fifth Dalai Lama repaired it in 1645. Still Potala Palace preserves some of the most valuable histories- the glided burial stupas of former Dalai Lamas, meditation cave of 33rd great king of Tibet, are few of them.

In the afternoon, we will visit the renowned Jokhang Temple which offers the first glimpse of devout Tibetans. The Jokhang Temple Monastery is a unique Buddhist religious complex and was also founded in the 7th century. The glistering statue of Sakyamuni considered as the Tibetan Buddhism’s rarity is found here. The buildings reveal such an outstanding example of the Tibetan Buddhist style of wooden and stone construction.

Next, we visit the ancient Barkhor Street to witness ancient art and architecture and acquainted with the locals in tea houses.

After the tour, we hit back the road to our hotel and get refreshed.
Our dinner and overnight stay will be at the hotel in Lhasa.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Lhasa.

Today after breakfast, we visit the Drepung Monastery, one of the great three Gelug Monasteries of Tibet, founded in 1416 by Jamyang Choge, one of the main Tsongkhapa’s disciples. We then visit to the biggest monastery Kitchen inside the monastery. We will explore the Buddhist Sculpture Carving workshop near Drepung.

Next, we head for Sera Monastery, also one of the great three Gelung monasteries in Tibet. We then make a short visit to the Tibetan religious scripture printing house inside the monastery, where we can witness three sand Mandalas and colorful Rock Painting of Lord Buddha.
After the tour, we head back our hotel and get refreshed.

Our dinner and overnight stay will be at the hotel in Lhasa.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Lhasa.

After breakfast, as per our departure time schedule, we will be transferred early to the Lhasa Gonggar International Airport for our return departure to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Upon our arrival in Kathmandu, we will be picked up from the Kathmandu airport and transfer to our hotel. We check-in at the hotel and get refreshed. Today is a leisure day, we can go shopping, find souvenirs or hunt for unique food or the cultural one- upon your choice of taste, or stroll around the streets of the city. We can spend the day we like today.
Our overnight stay will be at the hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel.
  • Location: Kathmandu.

Morning breakfast at the hotel. It has come to the end of our exciting Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour program today. Our representative will take us to the airport, an hour or two before the scheduled flight. So, get our luggage ready for the final departure back home. We greet and bid a farewell for your happy journey back home.
We hope you have a memorable trip. We thank you very much for being with us and letting us be a part of your memories to cheer for.

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Location: Kathmandu.

What's Included

  • Accommodation on Three Star Hotel in Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet.
  • Daily breakfast in Nepal and Tibet.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Bhutan.
  • English speaking guide in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.
  • Entrance fees in City Tour.
  • Full board in Sauraha.
  • Jungle Activities ( jeep safari in jungle, canoeing, visit Tharu village and Elephant breeding center).
  • English speaking guide.
  • Tibet Permit and Visa.
  • Ground transport as per itinerary.
  • Bhutan Permit and Visa.
  • Necessary paper work for Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet for visa.
  • Lunch and dinner in Nepal and Tibet.
  • Nepal Visa Fee.
  • Personal nature expenses like drinks, phone calls, laundry etc.
  • Flight fare of Lhasa- Kathmandu- Lhasa and Kathmandu- Paro-Kathmandu (if available).
  • Tips (not mandatory but expected).
  • Which is not in Cost Include column.


  • Visa Fee US$:-85.00 for Tibet (If American and Canadian Passport Holder extra US$:-90.00)(Subject to Changeable)
  • Flight Fare (Lhasa-Kathmandu) US$:-415.00 (Subject to Changeable)
  • Flight Fare (Katmandu – Paro Bhutan-Kathmandu) US$:-450 (Subject to Changeable)
  • Flight Fare (Kathmandu-Bharatpur(Sauraha)- Pokhara-Kathmandu) US$:-225 (Subject to Changeable)


Useful Information

Things to know about Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Visa and Entry Requirements

  • Nepal: Most nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu or at land border crossings.
  • Bhutan: Travel to Bhutan requires a visa, and you must book your trip through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator who will arrange the visa for you.
  • Tibet: Travel to Tibet requires additional permits, including the Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) and the Alien's Travel Permit (ATP), which can only be obtained through a registered Tibetan travel agency.

Timing and Weather:

  • Nepal: The best time to visit Nepal is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear.
  • Bhutan: Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are also ideal for visiting Bhutan, as the weather is comfortable and the landscape is beautiful.
  • Tibet: The best time to visit Tibet is from May to October when the weather is milder and road conditions are better for travel.

Altitude and Acclimatization:

Both Bhutan and Tibet have high-altitude regions, so it's essential to acclimatize properly to avoid altitude sickness. Take it slow and allow your body time to adjust to the elevation. Stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activities in the first few days.

Cultural Etiquette:

Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet have rich cultural traditions and customs. It's important to respect the local traditions and etiquette. Dress modestly, remove your shoes before entering religious sites, and ask for permission before taking someone's photograph.

Health and Safety:

  • Consult your doctor before traveling and ensure you are up to date on vaccinations. It's recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses.
  • Take precautions regarding food and water safety, such as drinking bottled or filtered water and avoiding street food.
  • Be cautious about your personal belongings and be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.

Currency and Money:

  • Nepal: The currency in Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). You can exchange major currencies at banks, exchange counters, or authorized money changers.
  • Bhutan: The currency in Bhutan is the Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN). It's advisable to carry cash, as credit cards are not widely accepted.
  • Tibet: The currency in Tibet is the Chinese Yuan (CNY). Cash is widely used, and credit cards may not be accepted in many places outside major cities.

Itinerary and Transportation:

  • Plan your itinerary in advance and make necessary arrangements for transportation, including flights, permits, and local transportation within each destination.
  • Consider the travel distances and connectivity between Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet, as you may need to fly or travel overland.