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  • Wonderful service for Jomolhari Trek

    Rating Review by: Mark, United States

    The Jomolhari Trek with Himalayan Asia Treks provided an unforgettable experience, seamlessly blending adventure with comfort. From the moment we embarked on this vacation, the team's professionalism and dedication were evident. The guides is extensive knowledge not only ensured our safety but enriched our understanding of the region's culture and landscapes. The accommodations and meals exceeded expectations, offering a warm respite amidst the rugged beauty of Bhutan's wilderness. This trek not only showcased the breathtaking vistas of Jomolhari but also left a lasting impression of Himalayan hospitality. Himalayan Asia Treks truly sets the standard for exceptional service in adventure tourism.

  • Dream Come True, To Experience The Rain after 6 Years

    Rating Review by: Ms. L. Julei, United Arab Emirates

    I recently had an incredible experience on a rainy hike with a guide who exceeded my expectations. The trip called Mad Monsoon Hike with Himalayan Asia Treks.The guide has in-depth knowledge, positive attitude, and dedication to our safety made the trip remarkable. They connected with each member of the group, tailored their guidance, and shared educational insights. Their professionalism and care for the environment were commendable.The small touches, like hot beverages and snacks, and captivating stories made the hike special. I highly recommend Himalayan Asia Trek for an exceptional hiking experience and can't wait for my next adventure with them! Thank you for an incredible journey!I am so greateful to Himalayans Asia Treks to organize this program that my dream come true to experience the Natural Rain after 6 Years.

  • Best Agency for Mt Kailash Tour from Nepal

    Rating Review by: Michael, United Kingdom

    The Mount Kailash Yatra organized by Himalayan Asia Treks from Nepal is an unparalleled pilgrimage experience that seamlessly blends spiritual fulfillment with the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayas. The journey to Mount Kailash is meticulously planned, ensuring the safety and comfort of the pilgrims throughout the trek. The knowledgeable and experienced guides from Himalayan Asia Treks provide insightful information about the sacred sites, local culture, and history, adding depth to the overall experience. The trek itself offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, with every step unveiling the natural wonders of the region. The logistical aspects of the Yatra, such as accommodation and meals, are well-managed, allowing pilgrims to focus on the spiritual significance of the journey. Himalayan Asia Treks has successfully created a pilgrimage that not only fulfills religious aspirations but also leaves a lasting impression of the awe-inspiring Himalayan terrain.

  • Spectacular, cannot recommend enough

    Rating Review by: michael pusic, United States

    I cannot begin to express what a spectacular experience this was from start to finish. I found himalayan asia treks on the website, messaged amrit on whatsapp, and he managed everything from booking my flight to picking me up when I landed to getting me on the trail. While I was there, Ramesh was a perfect guide. Extremely knowledgeable, more than fluent in english, and beyond courteous. He even carried apples for me to eat every night on the 3 week trek! When I got sick with altitude sickness for 1 night, he immediately arranged medical care to ensure everything was alright, and was incredibly kind and responsive to my worried mother (while I was sleeping it off). They are operationally smooth, and just really kind and lovely people. I cannot recommend this trek or tour company enough.

  • Amazing Kailash Tour with Himalayan Asia Treks

    Rating Review by: Ashoka, United States

    The Mount Kailash Tour organized by Himalayan Asia Treks in Nepal was an exceptional and transformative experience. From the moment I signed up for the tour until the last day, the team at Himalayan Asia Treks displayed utmost professionalism and dedication to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. The itinerary was well-planned, allowing ample time for acclimatization and exploration of the sacred sites along the way. The knowledgeable and experienced guides provided insightful information about the cultural and historical significance of Mount Kailash, adding depth to the entire experience. The accommodations and logistics were well taken care of, ensuring comfort in the remote and challenging terrain. The breathtaking landscapes, spiritual atmosphere, and the sense of accomplishment upon completing the circuit made this journey with Himalayan Asia Treks truly unforgettable. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking a well-organized and spiritually enriching adventure in the Himalayas.

  • EBC Trek return Helicopter

    Rating Review by: John Family, United States

    We are searching Everest Base Camp Trek but we have less days. Himalayan Asia Treks – Amrit suggests Everest Base Camp Trek return by Helicopter. We have booked ebc trek with helicopter return with Himalayan Asia Treks. During our EBC Trek return Helicopter, Ram – Guide helped us. He is also having good knowledge. We are highly recommending this trekking company for trek in Nepal. John & family

  • Manaslu Trek - amazing experience

    Rating Review by: Richard, United States

    We have had an amazing experience in Manaslu Circuit Trek with local trekking company in Nepal , Himalayan Asia Treks in 2023. Making lifelong memories with old and new friends in such a breathtaking and culturally rich environment is truly special. It's wonderful that you had a fantastic time, and it's clear that the guides and company played a significant role in making it "The Best Trip." Exploring the Manaslu region is an unforgettable experience, and it's great to hear that you had such a positive journey. Cherish those memories. 

  • Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

    Rating Review by: Johannes, Germany

    Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour – This was great and one of the memorable tours in Nepal. Guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Driver is also very good. Hotels are very neat and clean with friendly staff.