About Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road- Booking | Registration 2024-2025

                   Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road

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With years of experience, Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P Ltd is operating a pilgrimage tour to the holy sites in the Tibetan plateau as Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road 2024-2025 from Kathmandu via Kyurong boarder. This Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road offers a unique voyage experience at high altitudes in a serene part of the world. Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar Yatra is a dream tour for almost all devout pilgrims, as this place holds the most significant values amongst the Hindus. Pilgrims of Buddhist religions also equally venerate these holy sites. Lake Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash don’t only have religious significance but are indeed heaven on earth. The landscapes, the turquoise lake, and the stunning display of the mountains in the background are the most admirable shows at this high altitude. This holy journey to Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar is just a unique once-in-a-lifetime tour experience. With the great experience of 2023 , Himalayan Asia Treks has started registration for 2024-2025 Mount Kailash Mansarovar Tour by Road from Nepal.

Our Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2024-2025  starts with a full-day Kathmandu heritage and pilgrimage sightseeing tour. In this itinerary, we will set off the journey toward Tibet on the third day of arrival. Our overland journey takes us to the northwest Nepal-China border at Syabrubesi. With a night halt in Syabru, we will cross the border the next morning, clearing immigration formalities, and head for Kyirong. At Kyirong, we will acclimatize to the climate and altitude that day and prepare for our further trip to the larger size the next day. From Kyirong, we will proceed to Saga, stay overnight, and continue to Lake Mansarovar (Chu Gompa) the following day. Finally, we will circumambulate the holy lake Mansarovar and stop there for our worship and Havana. The next day, we will drive to Darchen, from where we continue to Yama Dwar, also known as the gateway to Mt. Kailash. Our trek (walking) part of this tour begins from Yama Dwar, and we will be trekking for three days. The first day is a trek to Deraphuk through the ascending trail of rubbles and pebbles. The second day is a bit tough to reach Zuthulphuk, where we will get to the highest point of the trek Dolma-La Pass at 5600m. Crossing this pass, we will start to descend through Gauri Kunda. After a steep descent, we will reach our pick-up point at the base, from where we will catch our vehicle and drive to Lake Mansarovar via Darchen. People who didn’t join this Kailash Kora (circumambulation) will pick them up and continue to go towards Saga. From Saga to Kyirong and cross the border clearing immigration once again to enter Nepal. It will take a full day drive, around 8-10 hours, to reach Kathmandu, which will include our tour.

Despite the trekking part being challenging, one can still choose to stay at Darchen to get the Mt. Kailash view or stay at Lake Mansarovar and wait. However, travelers who dared Kora can have a beautiful stunning view of Mt. Kailash up close while on the trek, which is sure to relieve them from the exhausting journey. This Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road is just a lifetime experience, so why not join our group for this holiest overland journey towards Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake Himalayan Asia Treks has started the tour registration for the booking of Mount Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road 2024-2025.

Do and Don’t for Kailash Mansarovar Tour from Nepal

A pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar, located in Tibet, is a spiritually significant journey for many people. If you're planning a tour from Nepal to Kailash Mansarovar, there are several important do's and don'ts to keep in mind to ensure a safe and meaningful experience. Please note that conditions and regulations may change, so it's essential to verify the most up-to-date information before your journey.


  • Obtain Necessary Permits: Ensure you have all the required permits and visas for entering Tibet and Kailash Mansarovar. These permits are typically arranged by your tour operator.
  • Travel with a Reputable Tour Operator: Choose a reliable and experienced tour operator - Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P Ltd that has a good track record of organising Kailash Mansarovar Yatra / Tours from Nepal. Himalayan Asia Treks handle logistics, permits,visa process, accommodations, and transportation.
  • Acclimatise Properly: The altitude of Kailash Mansarovar is significant and can lead to altitude sickness. Spend a few days acclimatising in places like Kathmandu before heading to higher altitudes.
  • Pack Appropriate Clothing: Be prepared for varying weather conditions. Even in the summer, temperatures can be cold, especially at night. Dress in layers and carry warm clothing.
  • Stay Hydrated: Proper hydration is crucial at high altitudes. Drink plenty of water throughout the journey to prevent altitude-related health issues.
  • Respect Local Customs and Traditions: Kailash Mansarovar is a sacred site for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Bon followers. Show respect for local customs, rituals, and beliefs.
  • Practice Environmental Responsibility: Keep the area clean and avoid littering. Respect the natural surroundings and wildlife.
  • Physical Fitness: The journey involves trekking and other physically demanding activities. Make sure you're physically fit and prepared for the challenges.
  • Stay Open-Minded: Embrace the spiritual and cultural aspects of the journey. Engage with fellow travelers and learn from the experiences.
  • Follow the Guidelines of Your Guide: Listen to your guide's instructions regarding safety, health, and local customs. They have experience in navigating the region.


  • Don't Rush: Altitude sickness is a real concern. Avoid rushing through the journey, and give your body enough time to acclimatize.
  • Don't Disrupt Religious Practices: Kailash Mansarovar is a place of spiritual significance. Avoid disrupting prayers, rituals, and ceremonies.
  • Don't Ignore Altitude Sickness Symptoms: If you experience symptoms like headache, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath, descend to a lower altitude and seek medical attention if necessary.
  • Don't Violate Environmental Rules: Protect the fragile ecosystem by not disturbing wildlife, not picking plants, and minimizing your environmental impact.
  • Don't Disrespect the Environment: Don't litter, deface rocks, or leave behind any waste. Respect the pristine nature of the area.
  • Don't Argue with Locals: If you encounter locals or other pilgrims, maintain a respectful and peaceful attitude. Avoid arguments and conflicts.
  • Don't Stray from Designated Paths: Stick to established trails and paths to minimize your impact on the environment and avoid getting lost.
  • Don't Overexert Yourself: Trekking at high altitudes can be challenging. Don't push yourself too hard physically. Listen to your body's signals.
  • Don't Ignore Cultural Sensitivities: Be mindful of the cultural norms and practices of the local people. Avoid behavior that might be considered disrespectful or offensive.
  • Don't Forget Travel Insurance: It's essential to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen situations.

Information about Mount Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Nepal

How much does Kailash Manasarovar Darshan cost?

The cost of the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra can vary based on factors such as the route, duration, and amenities provided by different tour operators. It's important to note that the cost can change from year to year, and there might be different packages available. To get the most accurate and current information, you should directly contact authorized tour operators- Himalayan Asia Treks with the number of people and date of travel. The tentative cost of Mount Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is USD1500 ++ , depending on number of people, accommodation and other facilty as per your interest. 

What is the cost of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Nepal?

The cost of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Nepal is varied from group joining or private tour basis. We are operating group joining Kailash Tour in Full Moon and private Tour also. If you provide the detail information then we will provide the cost of Mount Kailash Mansarovar Tour from Nepal.

The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Nepal is usually organised through a local tour operator in Nepal like Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P Ltd. The Yatra generally involves traveling by road and foot through Nepal and Tibet (China) to reach the sacred site of Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar. While processing Tibet Visa, we have to visit the sacred places around Kathmandu Valley like Pashupatinath Temple, Budhanilkantha (sleeping Vishnu) , Doleshwor Temple with other sacred goddess temple.

Is Mansarovar Yatra open/registration in 2024?

Yes, we have started taking booking- registration of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra for 2024 and 2025 also. If you are wondering to visit Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake on Full Moon on your comfortable date then Contact Us our team via email: [email protected] and +9779802098880 (WhatsApp and Viber).

What is the age limit for Kailash?

The age limit for the Mount Kailash Mansarovar Lake Yatra/ Tour have no age limit but due to the high altitude so we do not prefer child and old aged people.

How to go to Mount Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Nepal?

The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Nepal typically involves the following steps:

  • Book with an Authorized Operator: Choose a government-approved tour operator- Himalayan Asia Treks that specializes in organizing the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Nepal. We will assist you with permits, accommodations, transportation, and other logistics.
  • Travel to Nepal: Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal, which usually serves as the starting point for the yatra. Besides Indian Passport holder, you need to arrive before 5 days ago in Nepal for the processing China Visa. After reaching in Nepal, our agent collect original passpot and process to China Visa. It will take 03 full working days for the getting visa.
  • Obtain Permits: Our staff will help you obtain the necessary permits for traveling to Tibet (China) through the specified route. We will collect your original passport and apply for visa . We need 3-4 working days for getting China Visa.
  • Travel to Tibet: The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra involves traveling by road to the Rasuwagadhi , Nepal-Kyorung, China border and then entering Tibet. It will take 7-8 hours to reach boarder of Nepal and Tibet.
  • Visit Kailash and Mansarovar: The journey includes trekking and traveling to reach Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, where you can perform religious rituals and experience the natural beauty of the region.
  • Return Journey: After completing the Yatra, you will return to Nepal following the same route. After reaching in Kathmandu , we will drop airport as per your flight schedule.
  • Cost: Contact Us 


  • Scenic Drive: The road journey starts from Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, and takes you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Himalayas. The journey offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and picturesque villages.
  • Pilgrimage Places in Kathmandu: After processing visa, we have leisure time so we will visit the sacred places around Kathmandu valley like Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhnath Stupa, Swaymbhunath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square ( the living goddess - Kumari , Taleju Temple) , Doleshowr Mahadev (known as the head of Kedarnath) and other places.
  • Border Crossing: After leaving Kathmandu, you will cross the Nepal-China border at a place called Kyrong- Rasuwagadhi. This border crossing is an essential part of the journey and requires necessary permits and documentation.
  • Lake Mansarovar: After acclimatizing in Taklakot, you will head towards the holy Lake Mansarovar. The lake is believed to be of great spiritual importance, and taking a dip in its cold waters is considered to cleanse one's sins and purify the soul.
  • Mount Kailash Parikrama/Kora: The main highlight of the yatra is the circumambulation/Kora (parikrama) of Mount Kailash, which is considered the abode of Lord Shiva by Hindus. The Kora around the sacred mountain usually takes 3 days to complete and is physically demanding but spiritually rewarding.
  • Dolma La Pass: During the Kailash Parikrama, we will cross the Dolma La Pass, which is the highest point of the trek at an altitude of over 5,600 meters (18,400 feet). The pass is challenging, but the breathtaking views and the spiritual significance of reaching this point make it a memorable experience.
  • Rituals and Ceremonies: Throughout the yatra, you will have the opportunity to participate in various rituals, prayers, and ceremonies, conducted by fellow yatris and local guides, adding to the spiritual aspect of the journey.
  • Cultural Exchange: The yatra provides an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange, as you meet pilgrims from different parts of India and the world, as well as interact with the local Tibetan people, experiencing their unique way of life and traditions.

Day to Day Itinerary

Arrive at the Kathmandu airport and after clearing your immigration formalities and claiming luggage, our representative welcomes you at the airport and transfer you at the selected hotel. Arrive at the hotel and complete the check-in formalities. Later, there will be a short briefing about the upcoming tour at Kathmandu and the memorable Mount Kailash Yatra.

Overnight in Kathmandu. 

  • Accommodation: Four Star Hotel , Kathmandu
  • Location: Kathmandu.
  • Altitude: 1400m.

After having breakfast at the hotel, your guide will pick up from hotel and start Kathmandu City Tour: Pashupatinath Temple, Guheswori Temple, Budhanilakantha Temple (Sleeping Lord Vishnu), Kathmandu Durbar Square & Kumari (the living goddess) are the major heritage and religious sites we will visit today. After finishing tour, our Tibetan Team will brief about Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in detail and you can also ask anything about the tour with your guide.

Overnight in Kathmandu. 

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Four Star Hotel , Kathmandu
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1400m.

After taking breakfast, we will go for hiking around Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu Hiking makes you more comfortable while you are doing Kora in Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. We will hike around 6-7 hours around Kathmandu valley. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Four Star Hotel
  • Location: Kathmandu.
  • Altitude: 1450m.

Today, we will pack our luggage and briefing about Mount Kailash Manasarovar Yatra. Pilgrims have time to do shopping if anythings missed. We need to wake up early to leave so, we will take rest. 

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Four Star Hotel
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1400m.

After breakfast, we will start our trip towards Syabrubeshi. Syabrubeshi is a small town in Nepal side close to the Nepal – Tibet border and is 170KM at the northern part of Nepal. While driving to Syabrubeshi, you can enjoy amazing small greenery mountains along with river side as well. To pass 170KM, it will take 9-10 hrs. because of the small and winding off roads. We will provide lunch on the way pulling over at the spot with a good view.

we will stop for the immigration clearance and change the vehicle as well. After completing the formalities, we will continue our drive towards Kyirong. Today, our journey will be little bit longer because of immigration formalities and drive to 2 hours to reach Kyirong.

Overnight in Kyirong

Kyirong Valley: 175Km, 8 Hours (approx.)

Elevation of Kyirong Valley : 3000M.

Expected temperature: -03°C to 28°C 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Lodge/ Guest House.
  • Location: Paryang
  • Altitude: 3000m.

After breakfast, we will continue our drive towards Saga which is the very first Tibetan town. Saga is situated at the bank of holy Brahmaputra river which origins from Mt. Kailash and flows southward crossing Assam the area of Arunchanal Pradesh. We will spend the night at Paryang.

Overnight in Paryang.

Kyirong to Saga: 420Km/6Hrs Drive Approx.

Elevation of Paryang : 4700 M.

Expected temperature: 03°C to 32°C.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Lodge/ Guest House.
  • Location: Paryang
  • Altitude: 4700m

Early morning, we will start our journey towards Chiu Gompa (Mansarovar Lake). After reaching Horchu (eastern part of Lake Mansarovar), we will again change our vehicle and commence our clockwise circumambulation of the holy lake by bus. After sometime, we will stop at some spot to perform our holy dip, worship and hawana. After competing worship, we will proceed to Chiu Gompa for our overnight stay.

Overnight in Chiu Gompa (Mansarovar Lake).

Saga to Lake Manasarovar: 510Km, 9Hrs Approx.

Elevation of Lake Manasarovar: 4590M/15,059Fts

Expected temperature: Day time: 22°C to 32°C; night time: -3°C to -4°C

Climatic condition: Windy

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Lodge/ Guest House.
  • Location: Mansarovar.
  • Altitude: 4500m.

From today, we will start the trip to the holy Parvat (mount) Kailash for our Kora (circumambulation) trek. As usual, we will get ready for our move towards Darchen at the early morning. Today, we will acclimatize to adjust our body with the high altitude and get ourselves ready for Kora. At Darchen, we can buy any useful items which is useful for Kailash Kora or souvenir for your family or friends as well.

Overnight in Darchen.

Lake Manasarovar to Darchen : 40Km, 1Hrs Approx.

Elevation of Darchen : 4700m

Expected temperature: Day time: 22°C to 32°C; night time: -3°C to -4°C

Climatic condition: Windy

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Lodge/ Guest House.
  • Location: Darchen
  • Altitude: 4700m.

At the early morning, we start our journey towards Yama Dwar. This is the gateway to Mt. Kailash. Everyone who is heading for Kora amasses here and prepares themselves for the trekking. We will set off our trek from here as well. Today, the first final destination is Deraphuk. We will hike with packing our lunch. The route up to Deraphuk is flat with gentle ascend. We feel exhausted because of high altitude and will take some break on the way very frequently because of last leg of journey is tough with rapid ascend. Deraphuk is the south face of Mount Kailash, so we can enjoy the closer view of Mount Kailash from the south.

Overnight: Guest house, dormitory bedroom with common toilet

Yama Dwar to Dhirapuk: 14Km/05 to 06Hrs trek

Elevation of Deraphuk: 4950M.

Expected temperature: Day time: 12°C to 18°C, Night time: -05°C to -08°C

Climatic condition: Windy, partly cloudy & rainy

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Lodge/ Guest House.
  • Location: Dirapuk.
  • Altitude: 4950m.

Today is a bit difficult day of the whole Mount Kailash Yatra because we have to cross a significant distance through the rugged part around Mount Kailash before reaching Zutulpahuk. Due to the long walking distance, we start little bit early. Today, we have to pass the highest point of Mount Kailash Yatra named Dolma-La at the altitude of 5600m. Until Dolma-La (5600M) Pass, we have to hike through the ascending trail and after crossing this pass, we will descend towards the valley.

While descending from Dolma-La, we will pass a small glacier pool which is called Gauri Kunda. Gauri Kunda another holy lake dedicated to Mata (Mother) Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.

Overnight Norpel Guesthouse or Monastery Guesthouse (Mud house)–dormitory

Dhiraphuk to Zutulphuk: 22Km (09-10Hrs trek)

The highest point to cross over: Dolma-La pass : 5600M.

Elevation of Zutulphuk: 4850M.

Expected temperature: Day Time: 14°C to 22°C, Night Time: -3°C to -5°C

Average climatic condition: Windy.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Lodge/ Guest House.
  • Location: Zuthulphuk.
  • Altitude: 4760m.

Today is the last day of hiking and will be a pretty comfort one. We have to walk around 2 hours to cover about 7 Km distance to reach the pick-up point down the base. Reaching our pick-up point, we will catch our vehicle and will be transferred to Darchen. After meeting all our members, we will continue drive to Mansarovar. We will enjoy our packed lunch at Darchen or Mansarovar and then continue drive to Saga. The distance from Darchen to Saga is 325 KM and will take 06-07 hours.

Overnight in Saga.

Zutulphuk to trek ending point: 08Km/3Hrs

Trek ending point to Saga: 325Km/6-7Hrs Approx.

Elevation of Saga: 4,640M.

Expected temperature: 03°C to 32°C. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Accommodation: Lodge/ Guest House.
  • Location: Saga

After breakfast, we will continue out return journey towards Kyirong. The distance between Saga and Kyirong is 335 KM and will take around 6 hours. We will head back the same road which we arrived earlier.

Overnight at Kyirong.

Saga to Kyirong : 154Km/4Hrs Drive Approx.

Elevation of Saga: 4,640M.

Expected temperature: 03°C to 32°C.

  • Meals: Breakfast and Lunch.
  • Accommodation: Lodge-Guest House
  • Location: Kyirong.
  • Altitude: 3000m.

After having breakfast in Kyirong, we will drive towards the border and clear the immigration formalities once again. We will change the vehicle at the border and continue our drive to Kathmandu. The distance between Kyirong to Kathmandu is 195 KM and will take 8-10 hours. Arrive at Kathmandu and this will conclude our memorable Mount Kailash Yatra 2023-2024.

Overnight in Kathmandu. 

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Accommodation: Four Star Hotel
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1400m

After breakfast, our representative will distribute Mount Kailash Yatra certificate for successfully completing the journey. Next, we will drop you off at the airport according to your flight schedule. Farewell with the wonderful memories of Mount Kailash Yatra 2020! 

  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1400

What's Included

  • Accommodation at Kathmandu on luxury hotels.
  • Accommodation on Tibet part lodge/guest house/tent.
  • Kathmandu City Tour.
  • All Ground transport by A/C vehicle.
  • Tibet group Visa Fee.
  • 3 times Veg meal in Tibet (Breakfast, Lunch and Tibet).
  • Transportation in Tibet by Luxury A/C Coach.
  • Supporting vehicle to carry goods.
  • English speaking Tibetan guide in Tibet and Nepali guide in Kathmandu.
  • Entrance Fees in Kathmandu City Tour.
  • All Permit and documentation for whole Tour.
  • Supporting members in Tibet (Cooks, Helpers and Sherpas)
  • Oxygen cylinders for emergency use and medical kit bag
  • Kailash Yatra completion certificate
  • All applicable taxes and service charges
  • Visa Fee and service charge in China.
  • Lunch and dinner in Nepal.
  • Travel insurance.
  •  Rescue and evacuation service.
  • Nepal re-entry Visa fee for NRIs.
  • Any tips or gratuities for guide and driver.
  • Any personal expenses.
  • Horse riding during the Parikrama.
  • International airfare.
  • Any additional cost incurred due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, etc.
  • If travellers divert from the group and leave early from Tibet for any reason (beside health issue), then a penalty USD 100 per person per day shall be incurred to the traveller on the Tibet side – T.A.R. Foreign Exchange Center (FEC). Besides, visa splitting charge, accommodation, transportation charges shall be extra.

Price & Dates

Start DateEnd DatePriceAvailability 
18 May, 202431 May, 2024US$ 1499Guaranteed

Useful Information

The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a pilgrimage of great significance for Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. It involves visiting Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, which are located in the remote and majestic Tibetan Plateau. The yatra can be undertaken through different routes, and one of the popular options is the road route from Nepal.

These are some useful information for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road from Nepal:

  • Route: The road route from Nepal to Kailash Mansarovar typically starts from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The journey involves crossing the border into Tibet (China) and then proceeding towards Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar.
  • Permits and Permissions: Since the yatra involves traveling to a sensitive region, you will need several permits and permissions from both the Nepalese and Chinese authorities. These permits are usually arranged by tour operators or travel agencies, which handle the logistics of the yatra.
  • Duration: The duration of the yatra varies depending on the specific package chosen. It typically takes around 10 to 12 days to complete the road journey from Nepal to Kailash Mansarovar and back.
  • Altitude and Acclimatization: The region of Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar is situated at high altitudes, ranging from 4,500 meters to over 5,600 meters above sea level. Proper acclimatization is crucial to avoid altitude-related illnesses. The journey usually includes designated stops for acclimatization.
  • Physical Fitness: The yatra involves some strenuous treks and challenging terrains. Pilgrims are advised to undergo a medical check-up and maintain a good level of physical fitness before embarking on the journey.
  • Weather: The weather in the region can be unpredictable and harsh, with temperature variations throughout the day. It is essential to pack appropriate clothing and gear to tackle different weather conditions.
  • Religious Significance: Mount Kailash is considered sacred by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and followers of the Bon religion. Circumambulating the mountain (kora) is an important ritual for the pilgrims.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation options during the yatra are basic and may include guesthouses or tents at some places. It is essential to be prepared for simple living conditions.
  • Respect Local Customs: During the yatra, it is important to respect the local customs, traditions, and the natural environment. Littering is strictly prohibited, and the local culture should be observed with sensitivity.

Packing List of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road

Packing for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by road is essential to ensure a safe and comfortable journey, as you will be traveling through challenging terrain and varying weather conditions. Here is a suggested packing list for the Yatra:

Travel Documents

  • Passport with visa for Tibet/China.
  • Photocopies of all important documents.
  • Yatra permit and necessary permits for Tibet.


  • Warm clothing (layers are key as temperatures can vary greatly).
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket.
  • Waterproof pants.
  • Thermal innerwear.
  • Fleece or down jacket.
  • Gloves and mittens.
  • Scarf and a warm hat.


  • Sturdy and comfortable trekking boots with ankle support.
  • Extra pairs of socks (wool or synthetic).
  • Gaiters to keep snow and debris out of your boots.

Trekking Gear

  • Backpack with a rain cover.
  • Trekking poles.
  • Sleeping bag (for lower altitudes).
  • Duffel bag

Personal Items

  • Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, toilet paper).
  • Sunscreen and lip balm with high SPF.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Water purification tablets or filter.
  • Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Swiss army knife or multi-tool.
  • Snacks and energy bars.

Medication and First Aid

  • Personal medications and prescriptions.
  • Altitude sickness medication (consult your doctor).
  • Basic first aid kit (bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers).
  • Diamox (if prescribed for altitude sickness).
  • Water purification tablets.


  • Camera with extra batteries and memory cards.
  • Mobile phone with power bank.
  • Chargers and adapters for your electronics.


  • Small daypack for day hikes and essentials.
  • Money in local currency (Chinese Yuan).
  • Identification (ID) and a few passport-sized photos.
  • Snack items for the journey like chocolates , dry fruits.
  • Prayer flags or other religious items.