About Jomolhari Trek with Bhutan Cultural Tour from Nepal

Jomolhari Trek with Bhutan Cultural Tour from Nepal

The Jomolhari Trek with Bhutan Cultural Tour offered by Himalayan Asia Treks is a remarkable journey. The package combines the breathtaking beauty of Bhutan's natural landscapes with its rich cultural heritage. This adventure begins in Nepal, where you'll embark on an exciting exploration of the Himalayas. From the moment you arrive, the experienced team at Himalayan Asia Treks will ensure that your trip is safe, comfortable, and unforgettable. As you set off on the Jomolhari Trek, you'll find yourself immersed in the pristine wilderness of the Bhutanese mountains. The trek takes you through lush forests, high alpine meadows, and charming remote villages, all against the backdrop of the towering Jomolhari peak. You'll witness stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks, pristine lakes, and the unique flora and fauna of the region. The trek offers a perfect balance of adventure and cultural immersion, as you'll have the chance to interact with the warm-hearted Bhutanese people, learn about their traditional way of life, and visit ancient monasteries that hold centuries of history and spiritual significance.

The Bhutan Cultural Tour, intertwined with the trek, allows you to gain a deeper understanding of Bhutan's rich cultural heritage. You'll explore the vibrant streets of Paro and Thimphu, the capital city, and visit iconic landmarks such as the Paro Taktsang, also known as the "Tiger's Nest" monastery, and the grand Tashichho Dzong. The journey through Bhutan offers a unique opportunity to witness the nation's strong commitment to preserving its environment and cultural heritage, as well as its unique Gross National Happiness philosophy.

Himalayan Asia Treks ensures that your entire trip, from start to finish, is meticulously planned and executed with the highest level of professionalism. You'll be accompanied by experienced guides who are not only well-versed in the region's natural and cultural aspects but also attentive to your needs and safety. The accommodations and meals provided during the journey are carefully selected to provide comfort and a taste of authentic Bhutanese cuisine. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast, a culture lover, or both, the Jomolhari Trek with Bhutan Cultural Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you with lasting memories of the stunning Himalayan landscapes and the warm hospitality of the Bhutanese people. This journey offers a harmonious blend of adventure, culture, and spirituality, making it a truly remarkable way to explore the pristine beauty and unique traditions of Bhutan.

Trekking Facilities Includes:
  • First Aid Box (Medicine)
  • Sleeping tent (2man tent) with carpeted floor, Air Mattress, Pillow and room light.
  • Dining tent with dining set, Table, Chair and dining light.
  • Kitchen tent with kitchen set and light.
  • Hot water bag with cover.
  • Toilet tent with toilet pot.
  • Shower tent with shower bag and mat.
  • Trekking staff
What our clients’ needs to bring for trekking :
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Good Trekking boots
  • Flash light
  • Sun screen lotion
  • Hats or caps
  • Water bottle
  • Sun glasses
  • Warm cloths
  • Basic medical kit with medicines for high altitude purifying water, insect’s repellents.
  • Small backpack to carry personal belongings.


  • Scenic Flight: The journey begins with a scenic flight from Nepal to Paro, Bhutan. The flight offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas and is an experience in itself.
  • Paro Valley: Explore the beautiful Paro Valley, home to ancient monasteries, temples, and traditional Bhutanese architecture.
  • Taktshang Monastery (Tiger's Nest): Hike to the iconic Taktshang Monastery, often referred to as the Tiger's Nest. Perched on the edge of a cliff, this sacred site offers awe-inspiring views and a glimpse into Bhutan's rich spiritual heritage.
  • Jomolhari Trek: Embark on the Jomolhari Trek, a challenging but rewarding trek that takes you through remote and pristine landscapes, dense forests, and high mountain passes. The trek offers panoramic views of the Jomolhari Mountain (7,326 meters), one of Bhutan's most revered peaks.
  • Cultural Immersion: Throughout the journey, you'll have opportunities to interact with local Bhutanese people, learn about their unique customs, and experience their traditional way of life.
  • Thimphu Exploration: Visit Thimphu, Bhutan's capital city, and explore its vibrant markets, museums, and landmarks like the Tashichho Dzong.
  • Punakha Dzong: Explore the magnificent Punakha Dzong, one of Bhutan's most beautiful and historic fortresses, set at the confluence of two rivers.
  • Cultural Festivals: If your trip coincides with one of Bhutan's colorful festivals, such as Paro Tsechu or Thimphu Tshechu, you'll have the chance to witness the vibrant dances, rituals, and traditions of the Bhutanese people.
  • Local Cuisine: Savor Bhutanese cuisine, which often includes dishes like ema datshi (cheese and chili stew) and momo (dumplings), and experience traditional Bhutanese dining customs.
  • Hot Springs: Relax in the natural hot springs of Gasa, providing a soothing respite for trekkers after days of hiking.
  • Bhutanese Arts and Crafts: Visit local workshops and markets to appreciate Bhutan's arts and crafts, including intricate woodwork, handwoven textiles, and thangka painting.
  • Bhutanese Architecture: Marvel at the unique Bhutanese architectural style characterized by dzongs (fortresses) and intricately designed temples.
  • Bhutan's Gross National Happiness: Gain insights into Bhutan's philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and how it shapes the country's policies and way of life.

Day to Day Itinerary

  • Meals: Dinner
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1400m

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1400m

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel
  • Location: Paro

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel
  • Location: Paro

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Thangthangkga.
  • Altitude: 3600m.

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Jangothang.
  • Altitude: 4050m

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Jangothang.
  • Altitude: 4050m
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Lingzhi
  • Altitude: 4000m.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Shodu.
  • Altitude: 4950m.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Barshong
  • Altitude: 3700m.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Thimphu
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Thimphu
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Paro
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Meals: Breakfast.
  • Location: Kathmandu

What's Included

  • US$ 40 per person (Single entry visa fee)
  • Accommodation in 3 star hotel on twin bed sharing basis
  • Sustainable development fee of Gov.
  • All meals (break, lunch & dinner)
  • Full time English speaking guide
  • Private transportation and sightseeing as per the itinerary
  • Museums and parks fees indicated in the itinerary
  • Bottled drinking water in car
  • International Flight Fare.
  • Any alcoholic, nonalcoholic beverages and any other personal expenses
  • Tips to guide, driver, trekking staff, hotel service, etc
  • Travel Insurance
  • Nepal Visa.
  • Single room / tent supplement charge USD 25 per night
  • Luxury hotels/resorts are available on supplement cost
  • Airfare ( KTM-PBH-KTM ) USD 450 per person in eco class

Useful Information

The Jomolhari Trek combined with a Bhutan Cultural Tour from Nepal is an incredible journey that takes you through the pristine landscapes of Bhutan while also allowing you to experience the rich cultural heritage of this Himalayan kingdom. Here's some useful information to help you plan this adventure:

Trekking in Bhutan:

Jomolhari Trek: The Jomolhari Trek is one of the most famous treks in Bhutan. It typically takes about 8 to 9 days to complete and offers stunning views of the Himalayan peaks, including Jomolhari (7,314 meters) and Jichu Drake (6,989 meters).

Permits and Visa:

Bhutan Entry Permit: As a foreign traveler, you'll need a permit to enter Bhutan. This can be obtained through a registered Bhutanese tour operator, so it's advisable to book your trip through one. The operator will arrange your visa and permits.

 Bhutan Cultural Tour:

A typical cultural tour in Bhutan includes visits to monasteries, dzongs (fortresses), and museums. You'll also have the opportunity to interact with local people and experience Bhutanese traditions and rituals.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time for the Jomolhari Trek and Bhutan Cultural Tour is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). The weather is generally pleasant, and the views are breathtaking during these seasons.

Trekking Itinerary:

  • A typical Jomolhari Trek itinerary might look like this:
  • Paro to Shana (Start of the trek)
  • Shana to Soi Thangthangkha
  • Soi Thangthangkha to Jangothang
  • Acclimatization day at Jangothang
  • Jangothang to Lingshi
  • Lingshi to Shodu
  • Shodu to Barshong
  • Barshong to Dolam Kencho
  • Dolam Kencho to Dodena (End of the trek)

Physical Preparation:

The Jomolhari Trek is moderately strenuous, and you should be prepared for high altitudes. Regular physical fitness, including cardio and strength training, is recommended in the months leading up to the trek.

Packing List:

Essential items include warm clothing, waterproof gear, comfortable trekking boots, a good quality sleeping bag, a first-aid kit, and a backpack. It's also important to carry enough snacks and water purification methods.

Accommodation and Food:

During the trek, you'll stay in campsites, and your tour operator will provide tents and meals. In towns and cities, you'll have comfortable accommodations and be able to try Bhutanese cuisine, which often features red rice, yak meat, and cheese.

Respect Local Culture:

Bhutan is known for its strong cultural heritage. It's important to respect local customs, dress modestly, and ask for permission before taking photos, especially at religious sites.

Guides and Porters:

Hiring local guides and porters is common and highly recommended. They have valuable knowledge of the region, can assist with trek logistics, and provide insights into Bhutanese culture.