Manaslu Circuit Trek FAQ - know before Manaslu Circuit Trek

Does the Manaslu circuit trek is accessible?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is that the moderately strenuous level of the trek in Nepal. If you've got some experience of trekking, trekkers will easily accomplish Manaslu Circuit Trek. Proper arrangements of trekking gears and equipment per trekking season with physical and mental preparedness during the trek are entirely feasible.

On the trek, you've got to steer 5-6 hours each day at a high altitude with a lightweight day pack. This trek is because walking at a higher altitude is more challenging than a lower elevation trek.

The itinerary of Manaslu Circuit Trek is designed with the proper acclimatization made by Himalayan Asia Treks. However, physical and mental preparation is essential for such a high-altitude trek. Also, trekkers will read Manaslu Circuit Trek difficulty to understand more about the trip.


Which is that the best season in Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is often possible throughout the year. The best season for the Manalsu Circuit Trek is autumn (September-November) and spring season (March-May) in Nepal. This season offers clear blue skies and stable weather. So trekkers will enjoy the impressive great thing about nature and snowcapped mountain peaks.

If you're trekking in the spring season, trekkers will enjoy the different colorful colors blooming Rhododendron with wildflowers along the trek. It offers an exciting trip to the Himalayan region in Nepal. There have been fewer chances of perception.

Winter (December-February) and summer (June-August) season is that the less preferred time to trek in High altitude trek. Larke La pass (5106m) is dangerous during the winter season due to the heavy snowfall; the summer season will also disturb the heavy rainfall during the trek and challenging to trek slippery and muddy trekking trails.


Why is different Manaslu Circuit Trek from Everest and Annapurna rather?

Manaslu Circuit Trek includes the Larke La pass 5106m altitude from the ocean level. Trekkers will enjoy the superb views of Mt Manaslu, Annapurna range, Kangaru, Choe Himal, and lots of more mountains peaks along the pass. You can get stunning views of the landscape. Plus, trekkers will experience Tibetan-influenced Buddhist culture and lifestyle.

This trek is the off-beaten and fewer crowded trekking trail in Nepal than other trekking regions like Annapurna and Everest.

However, you don't get to flow an equivalent trail during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. So trekkers will see various things, meeting new people, and explore different new places along the way.


Can I trek solo in Manaslu Circuit Trek?

No, Manaslu circuit trek isn't possible to solo trek. Due to the restricted trekking region in Nepal, you ought to have a minimum of two people with a government-affiliated Trekking Agency in Nepal. Also, you would like to have a licensed holder trekking guide to start the Manaslu Circuit Trek.


Experience and professional guide will provide helpful information and navigation trekking route. Plus, Porter and Guide are accommodating during a challenging situation during a trek in higher elevation. They provide useful information about the trekking region and trail. You can also hire a porter who can carry your heavy load. Thus, Trekkers will enjoy the trip without the burden and be more extended to explore the sweetness of nature.


Do I want a guide to trek the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

As trekkers will already know that the Manaslu region comes under the restricted areas of Nepal, Trekking in Manaslu Circuit without a guide isn't possible. Therefore, you want to have a licensed trekking guide with you. Alongside that, trekkers will need a licensed guide or trekking agency in Nepal to get the Manaslu Trek permits.

Similarly, the Manaslu trek trails aren't well marked. Thus, having a guide will assist you through navigation, during emergencies, and for negotiations.


Accommodation in Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu circuit trek has offered basic facilities accommodation service. The essential facilities include twin sharing rooms, meals, shared bathrooms, etc. tea houses provide clean accommodation with blankets and pillows. However, you've got to hold a bag with you to offer your body warmer for the upper altitude trek.

Camping trek is a choice for the Manaslu circuit trek. Our company staff will arrange your accommodation and meal during a trek.


Is there electricity in tea houses to charge my electronics gadgets?

Except at Gumpa Lungdang and Dharmasala, every other village within the trail has electricity, meaning trekkers will charge your camera, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets within the teahouse. However, they're going to charge you a few dollars for a full charge.


What are the symptoms of altitude sickness?

Altitude Sickness may be a significant difficulty factor for many of the trekkers during this trek. Since this is often high-altitude trekking in Nepal, there's a high chance of hypoxia. The common symptoms of hypoxia are vomiting, fever, headache, nausea, dizziness, losing appetite, weakness, often waking, hard to breathe, feeling too cold, diarrhea, etc.

However, with proper acclimatization and a day of rest, trekkers will suit the altitude and avoid hypoxia.


Do I want special training for exploring the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Yes, trekkers will get to steel themselves against the trek. But that doesn't mean you've got to be a knowledgeable athlete or experienced hiker to try the trek.

However, training is the best measure to physically and mentally fit and steel oneself against a challenging trek. Proper training can make your trek much more accessible. Train body by walking for a couple of hours with a backpack to create your shoulder and arm strength before the trek. Alongside that, do regular, cardiovascular fitness-based exercises like cycling, running, jogging, swimming, etc.