Best 5 SHORT TREKS IN NEPAL 2023-2024

  • 2022-11-30
  • by Amrit Chhetri

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Whenever there is a talk about the best trekking area, Nepal pops up on the list. Having the five best short treks in Nepal, Nepal has been the Shangrila of trekking for a very long time. It will continue to be so too. Having the world's highest mountain and other high peaks, every traveler wants to trek in Nepal.
Travelers take out time from their busy schedule and travel. However, not all travelers have enough time to go on an extended itinerary trek. So how to enjoy to the fullest in a short time? Short Treks in Nepal are the best options for those travelers. If you have just a week to travel, you can choose any short trek in Nepal. The beautiful spots in Nepal guarantee a trip of excitement to the fullest.
The Best Treks in Nepal are Short Treks in Nepal. A trekker with beginner-level experience can efficiently complete the trek. It makes any short trek popular for all age groups. Talking about the weather, it is pretty moderate. Therefore, you will not feel so much difficulty while you are on a short trek. Also termed as Easy Short Treks, enjoying the trip with complete joy is a guarantee. Nepal has numerous short trekking sites. It is the place where your speech of adventure talks with the air of excitement. Here are the best 5 best short treks in Nepal. It would be best if you had a maximum of 7 days to complete the trek.

Ghandruk-Ghorepani Trek

Ghanruk Ghorepani Trek is one of the easiest short treks in Nepal. It is best for travelers who want to enjoy the taste of hiking in Nepal. The main trail for inexperienced trekkers attracts a lot of tourists every year. The starting point of the short trek is in Pokhara. It is where you go on a drive to Nayapul. Nayapul is the spot from where your trek begins. Trekking for 6 hours through the lush forests takes you to Tikhedhunga. The magnificent rhododendron forests give you a fantastic feeling while hiking. You will not feel like you are tired. In addition to this, something in the air makes you all charged up for the trail ahead.
Ghorepani is the next spot in the trail from Tikhedhunga. It is one of the gorgeous villages in the Kaski District. Just like every good thing comes at last. You get to hike to Poonhill, which is the highlight of the short trek. When you are in PoonHill, you will check out the most incredible sunrise you have ever experienced in your life. The striking sunrays on the faces of the Himalayas are memories that you can cherish forever. It is also called Ghorepani PoonHill Trek. PoonHill being the spot of natural supremacy, is indeed a place to souvenir.
When you are descending along the flamboyant rhododendron forest, you are also approaching Ghandruk village. Ghandruk village is a Gurung village where you meet amazing people. You can visit the museum and learn about the lifestyle. Ghandruk-Ghorepani Short Trek is also called Ghandruk Trek. Ghorepani and Ghandruk are two of the most spectacular villages in the Annapurna Region. They stand as the pillars of cultural and natural gorgeousness. Ghandruk Ghorepani Trek Distance is about 14.1 kilometers that you can travel on foot only.
The best trek for those who want an easy short trek, Ghandruk-Ghorepani Trek, is your gateway to the lush forests, mountain vistas, and rich culture. It is the epitome of happiness, adventure, and joy.

Short Everest Base Camp Trek 12 Days

Everest Base Camp Trek 12 Days is a short adventurous trek around the glorious Everest Region. If you are short on time, this popular trek can be the best option for exploring Everest. It is an adventurous trek blending with the supreme attributes of the Himalayas. Consequently, the 12 Days Everest Base Camp Trek Journey is one of the most in-demand treks in the world.
Everest Base Camp Trek 2022/2023 is an epitome of flora and fauna, mountains, terrains, and traditional villages. The trip starts as soon as you fly to Lukla from Kathmandu. The gorgeous scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is a perfect Himalayan wilderness to experience at first. Next, the trekking trail goes through Phakding and then to the tourist hub- Namche Bazar. Spend your lovely time at Namche Bazar and prepare for the challenging trek ahead. A juice of adventure with fun is waiting for you on the trail. While on your trail, you will meet numerous people, with everyone giving you a sweet, infectious smile. Acclimatization at teahouses and lodges is the perfect tiredness reliever in the short Everest Trek.
Why Everest Base Camp Trek and When?
The magnificent sight of Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Makalu pump you up to enjoy trekking to the fullest. You will get to see herds of yaks, sheep, and mountain goats on your short journey. Tengboche Monastery and Kala Patthar are two of the best spots you visit on this short trek. Passing via numerous Gompas and reaching Tengboche monastery is one soothing experience you don't want to miss out on. Likewise, the sunrise view from Kala Patthar is perfect imagery that will light up your mood instantly whenever you miss it.
The best time to go on the short EBC Trek is during April-June. However, people avoid going to the trek during the winter season. It's because the trail becomes slippery and full of snow.
All in all, Everest Short Trek is feasible to complete in less than two weeks. So, if you are a trekker who wants to explore the Everest region but has limited time, this trek is the best option to try. The overall Everest Short trekking cost does not exceed more than $1300 ++.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley lies 30km north of Kathmandu near the Tibetan border. Being very near to Kathmandu, it is an easily accessible trek. That's what makes it one of the best short trekking destinations in Nepal. An incredibly gorgeous valley that holds Nepal in its heart is Langtang Valley by all means. Langtang is famous for its rugged trekking trails, uneven topography, and varieties of vegetation. But, above all, the rich culture of Langtang Valley is the cherry on the cake.
Langtang Valley Short Trek is one of the most economical Trekking Packages in Nepal. It costs around US$ 500-900. Being closer to Kathmandu, you don't need to pay high for the travel. The short Langtang journey starts with a road trip from Kathmandu to Syarpubesi. During the first phase of the trek, you will pass through lush forests. The tranquil sound of the wildlife creates a different atmosphere during the journey. The main highlight of the short Langtang Trek is the Kyangjin Gompa. From there, you will see the gorgeous landscapes of the Langtang Region. If you are lucky, you may see Red Panda during the trekking trail.
The Nepal Earthquake in April 2015 did heavy destruction to the area around Lantang Valley. Since then, the tourism prospect of the region has been on a downhill phase. Although the village suffered a lot, the local people have started to comply with everything well. They have restored the teahouses and homestay spots. If you plan to go on a Langtang Valley Short Trek, it will be beneficial for the locals. Above all, They can use it to provide better services at a reasonable cost in the future too.
Why Lantang Valley Short Trek?
Walking through the flourishing forests while listening to the chirping of birds is indeed a naturally enriching experience. The panoramic sight of the snow-covered peaks such as Lantang Ri and Ganjala Peak lightens up your mood every time. If you are coming on a trip around Langtang Region, Langtang Trek 7 Days is the best trek option. It provides everything that a long trek offers you. That's why Langtang Valley Trek is one of the most in-demand short treks in Nepal. Furthermore, It guarantees you fun and excitement to the highest. Don't miss out on an opportunity to fall in love with nature and adore its essence.

Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodges Trek 12 Days

The 12 Days Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodges Trek is one of the most adventurous short treks to do in Nepal. With luxury being one of the foremost priorities, you get to spend your nights in luxury lodges. Therefore, if you are short on time and can spend comparatively more, Luxury Everest Trek is the best short trek option. Moreover, You can enjoy to the fullest explore the highest peak experiencing every luxury you can.
The Luxury Lodges Everest Base Camp Trek 12 Days starts from Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and your gateway to the rich Nepalese culture. Spend time in the glorious world heritages and be spiritually ready for the trip ahead. Visiting Pashupatinath Temple or Swayambhunath, you won't regret any second of your day. There are numerous streets, gompas, temples, shrines, and parks around Kathmandu where you can have a fantastic time.
The scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is your entrance to the kingdom of the Himalayas. Ascending towards Namche Bazaar- the tourists' hub of Nepal allows you to meet Sherpas. Sherpas know mountains better than any of us. So listening to the tales of Sherpas is a refreshing experience. Kala Patthar is the most iconic point in the trekking trail. The 360-degree view of the panoramic Himalayas is an addictively incredible experience.
Highlights of Everest Luxury Lodges Trek
Experiencing the typical Himalayan lifestyle with a sprinkle of luxury is the main motive of the luxury lodges' short trek. Trekking through the magnificent Khumbu valley while the gorgeous mountain vistas surround you is indeed a heavenly experience. You can check out the godly sight of four of the world's six highest peaks- Mt. Everest, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Lhotse. Trekking every day and taking proper rest makes you enjoy the trek even more. If you have short vacation time and want luxury with adventure, Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodges Trek 12 Days is the ideal trek option in Nepal.

Everest View Trek

Everest Region is one of the most trekked regions of Nepal. Having the world's highest peak in its heart, every trekker has a wish to see it from a closer view. If you are short on time and can't spend two weeks on a trekking excursion, Everest View Trek is the best trekking trail. You can enjoy the alluring sight of the snow-capped Himalayas. It is your gateway to the magical scenery of four of the world's six highest mountains- Cho Oyu, Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, and Lhotse.
The Everest View Trek Itinerary is shorter and customizable. On the first day, you fly to Lukla from Kathmandu. The clouds talk to you about the wisdom of the Himalayan wilderness. So get ready to witness the world's most elegant trekking trail. Hiking up to Namche Bazar via the canyon of DudhKoshi the very next morning is an emphatic experience to have. During hiking, you may see Himalayan Ghoral, Himalayan Tahr, and Red Panda. They are some rare species of wildlife you may cross on your way. In addition, you can spend quality time with your friends. Click pictures and create memories for a lifetime. Khumbu Region is another highlight of the Everest View Trek. The thing is that when you are there, you will get into a whole new dimension.
This trek is a beautiful trek for everyone, and when you complete it, you would want more and more. The perfect trek for those wishing to explore Everest but are short on time, Everest View Trek Cost depends on the number of people in a trekking group. The price ranges from US$1000++
Things You Need To Carry With You on Short Treks in Nepal
During the trek, you may see a lot of snow and need to travel in rugged trails. There are few essentials you need to take with you. It prevents you from any accident or mishappenings. Polarized sunglasses are the most essential if you have an eye problem and can't wear glasses for a long time. They will help you in eye relief, and you can check out snow for a long time like an average person.
Sunglasses Straps are as important as polarized sunglasses. They stop the sunglasses from falling and being blown off by the wind. It saves your sunglasses if you slip at some point in the trek. They are cheap, and you can buy them on Amazon.
Another important thing is the walking pole. It will assist you in grabbing a rock and have a proper grip. Many trekkers always take walking poles with them. They believe it makes trekking safer and more fun.


Short Treks in Nepal are some of the most popular trekking packages in Nepal. Although most favorable trekkers are short on time, these treks provide you all the best things a regular trek offers. You can enjoy any trek to the fullest. If you are looking for an easy short trek, Ghandruk-Ghorepani Short Trek is the best option.
However, If you want not to go far from Kathmandu but still want to explore the Himalayan wilderness, Langtang Valley Trek is waiting for your arrival. Above all, Exploring Everest can come in three forms. Everest Base Camp Trek 12 Days, View Trek, and Luxury Lodges Trek. Luxury Lodges Everest Trek is the exploration of the Himalayas while also experiencing luxury. Traveling is a fun thing to do. Completing it in a short time allows you to explore other trekking trails too. So come to the Shangrila of Trekking and Never miss the real fun.

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