Best Tours in Nepal 2024,2025,2026

  • 2024-05-04
  • by Amrit Chhetri

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Nepal is a beautiful country with a rich culture and stunning natural scenery. There are many tours available in Nepal that allow visitors to experience the best of what the country has to offer. Here are a few options:

Trekking in Nepal /Tours in Nepal: Nepal is famous for its Himalayan mountain range, and there are many trekking tours available that take visitors to some of the most beautiful and iconic peaks in the country. Options include the Annapurna Circuit Trek, the Everest Base Camp Trek, and the Langtang Valley Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek.

  1. Cultural tours: Nepal is a country with a diverse and rich culture, and there are many cultural tours available that allow visitors to experience the traditions and customs of the local people. Options include tours of the capital city Kathmandu, where visitors can visit ancient temples and palaces, and tours of the countryside, where visitors can interact with local communities and learn about their way of life.

  2. Wildlife tours: Nepal is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including rare and endangered species like the Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, and one-horned rhinoceros. There are many wildlife tours available that take visitors to national parks and reserves where they can see these animals in their natural habitat.
  3. Adventure sports tours: Nepal is a paradise for adventure seekers, with a range of activities available including white water rafting, paragliding, and mountain biking. There are many tours available that cater to these activities, allowing visitors to experience the thrill of adventure in the stunning landscapes of Nepal.

No matter what type of tour you are looking for, Nepal has something to offer for everyone.

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Best Tours in Nepal 2023

Every year many families and groups travel and enjoy sightseeing, temple visits, exploration, and enjoying one of the many activities available. Nepal is a very diverse country with landscapes changing from flat grounds to mountain valleys that turn into the high Himalayas. Most tours in Nepal are in the hill and flat regions. Every tour point is road accessible and can  reached by tourist bus or more luxurious private vehicle or jeep. Make sure to book one of the best tours in Nepal via Nepal Tour Company – Himalayan Asia Treks, an expert tour, and trek agency in Nepal. This way, you are sure of the best service, guide, and overall experience during your time!

Touring in Nepal, what are the benefits?

Touring in Nepal comes with many benefits! You can still get some incredible mountain views without having to trek through remote areas. Another great benefit is that you can choose between luxury and economic lodges. Most tours take place in bigger cities where many activities await to enjoy! Transportation is available in private or tourist standard. Also, you won't need any special or restricted permits. More benefits of touring in Nepal are planning your itinerary and going sightseeing at the places you want to see. Furthermore, on a tour in Nepal, you can learn more about the old cultures and religions.

What famous places can you visit during touring in Nepal?

While a small country, Nepal is fulled of ancient and significant religious places. Four regions that house UNESCO World Heritage Sites are waiting for you to explore! These regions are Kathmandu, Lumbini, Chitwan, and Pokhara and offer the best tours in Nepal. So which famous places can you visit during touring in Nepal?

Kathmandu valley and its hidden treasures:

As the first destination, when you travel to Nepal, Kathmandu and the Kathmandu Valley offer many places of interest perfect for sightseeing. All of the best tours in Nepal usually start from Kathmandu, and there are a lot of places to see:


Also known as the monkey temple in Kathmandu, Swayambunath Stupa stands on a hill overlooking the city of Kathmandu. A forest inhabited by monkeys surrounds the mountain, and a broad stone staircase leads to the top where the Stupa is located. Significant architectural and Buddhist structures fill up the ground, and the view over the city at nightfall to be spiritually unique! Although the Stupa is a Buddhist pilgrimage site, many Hindus also turn around the hill praying for spirituality and good luck.


North-East on the outskirts of Kathmandu city and spread over the two banks of the Bagmati River lay the holy Hindu temple of Pashupatinath. This incredible religious and spiritual temple is of great importance to those Hindu fates! The Pashupatinath temple is commonly known as a burial site where Hindus depart with their lost loved ones and relatives by creating them on the river. Pashupatinath  - where a piece of the famous trident of the main Hindu god Shiva rests and is housed by a couple of spiritual Gurus. Every year, people visit this spiritual temple to pray and ask for advice from the priests or funerals!

Royal Durbar Squares

There are 3 Royal Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley, and all 3 have their unique architecture and characteristics. There is one in Kathmandu city, Patan City, and Bhaktapur city. These Royal durbars (Royal Palace) Squares belong to the ancient kings who ruled their territories and were filled with temples, palace buildings, and old architecture. All three squares have cobbled stone alleys with restaurants and handicraft shops. Bhaktapur's Royal Durbar Square even has its palace museum!

Boudhanath Stupa

The mighty Boudhanath Stupa is one of the most spiritual places inside the city of Kathmandu. A massive round white stupa filled with colorful prayer flags and a pair of Buddha Eyes. Yearly devotees flock to this Stupa and make a tour around in prayer. Famous for its yoga studios and charming rooftop restaurants, it's a great place to spend time for lunch!

Namo Buddha

Located to the east of Kathmandu, just a few minutes from the village of Dhulikhel is the Monastery of Namo Buddha. This incredible Buddhist Monastery lies on top of a hill and considered one of the best spiritual places to visit the Kathmandu Valley. The place became famous due to the story of Buddha offering a piece of his flesh to save a dying tigress protecting her cubs! This Tour took place in a cave which can be visit for sightseeing. Many people head out to Namo Buddha to enjoy the views, meditate or do yoga.

Shivapuri National Park

As the only National Park in Kathmandu, Shivapuri National Park is, for many locals, an escape from the city. But for tourists is a perfect place for a tour and short hike through the hilly forest and visiting some Hindu Temples. The park have full of fauna and flora and is considered a protected zone. Interestingly, the spring of the Bagmati River that flows through Kathmandu city is located in the park. There are some hotels and small resorts where you can spend the weekend or night to spend more time in the Shivapuri National Park. The Shivapuri National Park are is famous for 2/3 days of hiking which connects to Nagarkot, Kakani.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha

Considered the most spiritual place in Nepal for Buddhism, Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha. In ancient times, there was an old kingdom located at the site currently known- Lumbini. In that kingdom, a prince was born later to become known as Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Here's what you can do in Lumbini:

Lumbini museum:

As one of the most educating places, the Lumbini museum is a place showing the significance of the birthplace of Buddha. The museum filled with historical pieces that hold great importance in the birth of Buddhism and give you great insight into the culture that originated from Lumbini. Besides artifacts, there are also some traditional dresses and clothes from the time period that Buddha lived there. Thus, you can see directly how this museum has a significant impact on the spreading of Buddhism and the understanding of where it came from.

Maya Devi Temple:

The most important and sacred temple in Lumbini is the Maya Devi Temple. It's located just at the birthplace of Buddha and accompanied by a holy garden and meditation pool. The temple built over ancient structures and holds proof of evidence that Gautama Buddha grew up here.

Bodhi Tree:

The sacred Bodhi Tree stands next to the Maya Devi Temple and is a vital meditation site in Lumbini. Every day Buddhist monks sit under the Bodhi Tree in meditation or chanting scriptures. The tree has prayer flags attached, and it's said that making a wish while tying a new prayer flag is often fulfilled in time!

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is the place to be for some real fun in the jungle. The park itself is massive and protected as many endangered species live there. It's located in the Terai region, the flat grounds of Nepal. Having a warmer climate, Chitwan National Park is perfect for animal spotting and exploring the Nepalese jungles. During some of the best tours in Nepal, there is always a three-day visit planned in Sauraha Chitwan. Some of the activities that you can expect in Chitwan National Park are:

Jungle walk:

A refreshing and short jungle walk is at the borders of the Chitwan National Park. Accompanied by a guide, this jungle walk can be where you'll see your first one-horned rhino! The way of the jungle walk is refreshing and straightforward; you'll pass by a traditional Tharu village made of mud and straw, venture besides the crocodile Rapti River, and see some of the jungle life.

Tharu Culture museum and show:

Another exciting and cultural activity in your time at Chitwan National Park is visiting the local Tharu Culture Museum. The Tharu people are the area's inhabitants and have their own unique culture and lifestyle suited to jungle life in a hot climate. With a visit to the Tharu Culture Museum, you'll be known of their unique ways and culture. In the evening, a specular Tharu show takes place filled with music and dance. Of course, you'll be invited on stage to show off your Tharu dance moves!

Canoe ride:

One of the most relaxing and peaceful activities in Chitwan National Park is a canoe ride over the Rapti River. The canoes are traditionally made out of wood and, despite their looks, quite comfortable. As you glide over the cool water on both banks of the river, you'll get to see a lot of bird species and the occasional crocodile sunbathing. You can put your hand in the water but keep your eye open for any activity!

Elephant Safari:

The main highlight of Chitwan National Park is the elephant safari! It's a questionable topic as many animal lovers find it abusive but are assured the elephants of Chitwan National Park are well treated and considered holy animals. And by taking part in an elephant safari, you provide economic support to the organizations that focus on the welfare of these majestic animals. The elephant safari itself goes in a route through Chitwan National Park's protected area, and the vantage point from on top of an elephant is unique. A famous place along the way goes through rhino grassing grounds, and you'll usually see a family of one-horned rhinos going about their business. Lucky people have even spotted the elusive Bengal tiger during the elephant safari!

Elephant bathing:

The most fun activity in Chitwan National Park is to get wet with elephant bathing! The weather is quite hot in Chitwan, and what better way to cool down than to sit on an elephant while getting a refreshing elephant shower. Elephants love to play in the water and don't mind you sitting on top enjoy the cool water with them. It's entertaining and pleasant to wash the elephants and scrub their hard skin with wet stones while splashing water.

Visit the Elephant Breeding Center:

The Elephant Breeding Center is where you'll get to learn about the history and importance of elephants in the Tharu community. The Center focuses on the health and preservation of the Asian Elephant, and due to its breeding program, you can see baby elephants running around terrorizing the keepers!

Pokhara City Tour:

Known as the most beautiful city, many of the best tours in Nepal go past Pokhara. The town is located at the banks of Phewa Lake and is used as a starting point for treks in the southern Annapurna Himalayas. Pokhara is well developed, and many restaurants, hotels, and resorts spread around the lake. Great for relaxing, sightseeing tours, and doing adventure activities such as paragliding, Pokhara is one city you'll want to visit during a time in Nepal! Some of the things that you can do in Pokhara are:

Boating on Phewa Lake:

Boating on Phewa Lake is a favorite activity of many while visiting Pokhara. The water is nice and cool, and the boat ride can be done privately or by sharing. It's so relaxing floating over the water with impressive mountains views in the backdrop.

Tal Barahi Temple:

While you're boating on Phewa Lake, you can also visit a small island on the lake where the Tal Barahi Temple is located. This Hindu Temple is a pagoda-type temple made in honor of the Hindu Goddess Durga, also known as Barahi, and is the protector of the Gods.

World Peace Stupa:

On top of a hill, on the other side of Phewa Lake, is one of the two World Peace Shanti Stupas (Peace Stupa) in Nepal. This white Stupa overviews the entire Pokhara Valley and is a well-known highlight during tours in Pokhara. The Stupa itself can access by crossing the lake and hiking a short way up the hill.

Davis Falls and the Gupteshwur Cave:

More into the interior of Pokhara lays an exciting place, the Davis Falls waterfall and the Gupteshwur Cave that runs beneath the waterfall. Davis Falls is spectacular to see, especially during the rainy season when the waterfall is at its fullest. Just a few meters from the waterfall is a cave entrance that leads directly under the waterfall!

Sarangkot Hill for sunrise and sunset:

Just a few minutes of driving or a half-hour of hiking takes you up the Sarangkot Hill in Pokhara. The hill is famous for its sunrise and sunset views over the Valley and the Annapurna Himalayas distance. Many short tours and hiking include a morning visit to Sarangkot Hill to start the day, which is a great way!

Bindhyabaseni Temple:

On the way back from Sarangkot Hill, most tours make a short stop to go sightseeing at the fantastic Bindhyabaseni Temple. The temple surrounds a rectangular-shaped square and houses many shrines to different Hindu Gods. You can offer some donation or light a candle at the temple to pray for good fortune.

Other activities in Pokhara:

Besides the sightseeing options, there are many other activities in Pokhara that you can enjoy during some of the best tours in Nepal. These activities in Pokhara include; paragliding, rafting, short hikes, mountain biking, fishing, zip line rides, and bungee jumping! So make sure to book one of these activities as an extra during your Tour in Nepal to have the best experience!

What type of tours can you do in Nepal?

As there are many sightseeing places, there are several different types of tours that you can do in Nepal. With Himalayan Asia Treks, you are free to make up your Tour of places you wish to visit and activities you want to experience! Can't make up your mind? Himalayan Asia Treks has some ready-made tours of different days and highlights.

Type of Tours in Nepal:

Tours are inclusive of accommodation, transportation, guide, and entree fees. Besides, don't forget that you can customize your own best trek in Nepal to go only to the places you want!

With all these beautiful places to visit, all that's left is to choose one of these best tours in Nepal or make up your Tour and discover the beauty of Nepal's touring style! For any more info on the best treks in Nepal, you can always contact us at our Himalayan Asia Treks; we are more than happy to assist you in making the best Tour in Nepal.

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