Everest Base Camp Trek for Beginners - A Beginner's Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek 2023-2024

  • 2023-06-29
  • by Amrit Chhetri

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Everest Base Camp Trek for Beginners

Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days is one of the most popular treks globally. Nepal is known to everyone because of Mt. Everest- the world’s highest peak. Everest Base Camp Trek Package is your gateway to go close to the world’s natural pinnacle. For beginners, Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days can be the favorite thing to do in Nepal.

Trekkers from all around the world want to summit Mt. Everest at least once in their life. But, not everyone can soak the toughness and pressure of climbing the peak. For people who have a hard time mountaineering but still want to feel Everest from a closer view, Everest Base Camp Trek is the best option out there.So what it’s like to go on Everest Base Camp Trek for beginners? Let’s dive deep into the beginners’ persona of EBC Trek 14 Days.

Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary for Beginners

Everest Base Camp Trek Package is one of the most popular choices for trekking packages in Nepal. Even in the EBC Trek 14 Days, there are various Everest Tour Packages with different itineraries brought to you by Himalayan Asia Treks. The popular Everest Base Camp Tour Packages include Everest Base Camp Gokyo Lake Trek, Everest High Pass Trek, Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge Trek, and Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek. All these Everest Base Camp Treks have different itineraries. For instance, Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek 15 days, whereas Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge Trek 12 days and Everest Base Camp Trek Return by Helicopter.

According to reports and suggestions by the travel experts, it is advised that the beginners go on an Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days with a longer duration. It helps to acclimatize often and can rest well to prepare for the other day’s journey. They can complete the trek with minimum complexities.

Short Itinerary of Everest Base Camp Trek

Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu

Kathmandu – 1300 meters

Day 2: Kathmandu to Lukla (Flight) and Trek to Phakding.

Phakding – 2651 m – 4 hours

Day 3: Trek to Namche Bazar

Namche – 3440 meters - 6 hours

Day 4: Acclimatization Day in Namche Bazar

Namche – 3700 meters - 5 hours

Day 5: Trek to Tengboche

Tengboche – 3956 meters -6 hrs

Day 6: Trek to Dingboche

Dingboche – 4380 meters -5 hours

Day 7: Acclimatization Day in Dingboche

Dingboche – 4380 meters - 4 hours

Day 8: Trek to Lobuche

Lobuche – 4938 meters / 5 hours

Day 9: Trek to Gorakshep

Gorakshep – 5160 meters / 7 hours

Day 10: Trek to Pheriche - Hike to Everest Base Camp (5364m)

Pheriche – 4371 meters / 9 hours

Day 11: Trek to Namche

Namche Bazar – 3440 meters / 7 hours

Day 12: Trek to Lukla

Lukla – 2860 meters / 7 hours
Day 13: Fly take from Lukla to Kathmandu (Flight) and Rest Day.
Kathmandu – 25 min
Day 14: Departure

How hard is Everest Base Camp Trek for beginners?

Beginners who have not experienced a hard trekking journey may find it very hard to complete the Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days. Trekking at a high altitude means you are going up with air becoming thinner. The EBC Trek’s difficulty is not as hard as many people claim to be. It is quite moderate. However, one thing is for sure. You need to be physically fit and mentally strong to continue the Trek to the EBC. For beginners, it is advised to follow many steps to be prepared for the Trek to Everest Base Camp.

Talking about how costly is the Everest Base Camp Trek, it is quite relative. It depends on the trekking season you are going to EBC and the choice of a trekking company. The cost can vary with the choice of lodges also. A normal EBC Trek costs around $1400 ++. However, it also depends on the number of trek members you are going with. It also costs around $3200 ++ to trek Everest Base Camp and return by helicopter.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Everest Base Camp Trek

What is the Everest Base Camp Height, and how difficult EBC is?

EBC is either one on the northern side and the other on the southern side of Everest. The South EBC is at the height of 5,364m. Meanwhile, the North EBC is at an altitude of 5,510m. Overall, Everest Base Camp Altitude is 5,364m in the south and 5,510m in the north.

Even though EBC is high, the difficulty is not as much as most people claim. The slow-paced trekking with many acclimatization points makes EBC Trek 14 days a not-so-difficult trek.

Note: The distance from Everest Base Camp to the summit is 68.7 km.

Is trekking to Everest Base Camp worth it?

Most people spend a lot of money to go to EBC. However, some people are confused regarding whether the cost of EBC is worth spending. Well, the answer is Yes. Trekking to Everest Base Camp is worth it. EBC has many things that wow you.

The scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla airport is the perfect start to the trek. Trekking through the lush forests checking out vegetation is a soothing experience. However, what tops all the highlights is that you see the most magnificent views of the world’s highest peak Everest. During your Everest journey, interaction with the local people teaches you many life-changing things in life. Nothing makes it better than checking out the glorious shining face of Everest with your naked eyes.

According to the latest reports, the number of leopards in the Sagarmatha National Park has increased by 26%. It is a great number and a positive sign for wildlife in Nepal. Being a beginner trekker in EBC and getting to see a leopard is like a dream come true.

How can beginners prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek? | Everest Base Camp Trek Preparation for Beginners

Preparing for Everest Base Camp Trek is a great experience before going on the real journey. Beginners may find it extremely tough to complete the Everest Base Camp Trek ( EBC Trek) if they are not prepared well for the consequences and toughness. So, how can beginners prepare well for the EBC Trek? Here is a list of steps everyone can follow to prepare for the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Hiking and taking long walks in Everest Base Camp Trek 

Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days is a journey through the high trekking trails for a long duration. Hiking at least one day per week makes your body feel pleasant and adaptable if it needs to walk for a longer duration. Focus on the duration more than the distance while taking long walks. The best time to go on hiking is during the weekend. You don’t have to worry about your work and other important things if you do it on holiday.

Improving strength for EBC Trek

Strength is one big part of a trekking journey. Having physical and mental endurance helps you cope with any challenges that come your way while trekking. You can jog and do a lot of cardio sessions. Cardio Endurance and Strenght Endurance are like the base of a successful trek.

Get familiar with using trekking gears.

When you plan to get to an EBC Trek, you should use trekking gear in your journey. The equipment makes it easier for you on the trekking journey. Research the equipment and use it properly before going on a trek. It helps you a lot in the trekking journey. For a beginner-level trekker going to EBC, it’s like the most mandatory thing to do.

Buy the best trekking gear

For a beginner, it can be hard to choose the best trekking gear for the Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days. To shop the trekking gear with your trek planner is a great move. They can help you list out the necessary equipment and where to buy them. Finding original equipment is hard these days, with numerous first-copy equipment growing rapidly in the market. It is all for the travelers to enjoy more than suffer during the journey.


Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days is a great choice for beginner-level trekkers. It is a moderate-level trek, and you can make the most out of the trip. If you go to the EBC with proper preparation and research, the chances are high that you will enjoy it rather than suffer on your way to it.

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