Top 10 Reasons to Manaslu Circuit Trek 2024

  • 2024-05-05
  • by Amrit Chhetri

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a challenging trek that brings you the most awestruck snow-capped mountain views blended with remote cultural experiences. The biological diversity and the rich culture and traditions of the local people make Manaslu Circuit Trek a must-go trek in 2023. As the world has already bid farewell to COVID-19, the whole world of traveling and tourism has changed to a certain extent. One of the best trekking routes in Nepal is indeed Manaslu Circuit Trek and there are reasons that make the statement true to each word.

Reasons that make Manaslu Trek the best trek to do in 2023

So, why is Manaslu Circuit Trek a must-do trek in 2023? Well, there are various facts behind it. Let’s dive deep into the Top 10 Reasons that make Manaslu Circuit the most wanted trek in 2023.

Biological Diversity

Mount Manaslu has a height of 8,163m. The popularity of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is soaring high and high because of its rich biological diversity. The Manaslu Conservation Area Project is home to wild animals like Snow leopards, Musk deer, Red Fox, Jackal, and Brown bears. Not only this, the Manaslu Region can also boast about the plant species which is reported to be around 9. In addition to this, the bird species that are the natural riches of the Manaslu Conservation Area are Snow partridge, Tibetan snowcocks, Himalayan griffon, and many more. If you are lucky enough, you find yourself seeing any of this flora and fauna on your journey. 2023 can be the perfect time for a vacation exploring the wildlife of one of the most naturally aesthetic regions of Nepal.

The Appealing View of the Himalayas

No matter wherever you go in Nepal, the view of the Himalayas will always be on your heart and mind. Even if you are on a wildlife tour in the Terai region, you will be wanting to see the view of the snow-capped mountain peaks. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the golden opportunity that allows you to look at the most prepossessing sight of the Himalayas which are as pretty as picture. The aesthetically pleasing sight of the pearly mountains like Mt. Manaslu, Himalchuli, Annapurna, and other mountains make Manaslu Circuit Trekking an experience of a lifetime that you will never forget even if you want to. You will not be wanting to forget this precious memory because remembering your presence in the mountains and breathing the fresh air in the lap of the Himalayas is an experience not every person in the world can have.

Larkya La Pass- The highest adventurous point of the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Any trekking you go to, you will seek for adventure and an experience that will be life-long and will teach you something. Manaslu Circuit Trek is indeed a golden opportunity to get closer to Mother Nature and fall in love with the riches of nature. On the verge of exploring nature, adventure comes hand in hand. Larkya La Pass is the highest point of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. When you reach Larkya La Pass, you would definitely feel like you have achieved something. Even the feeling of that satisfaction weighs down all the endurance and effort you had to go through while journeying. Life is all about challenges. The most challenging part of the Manaslu Circuit Trekking 2023 will be indeed Larkya La Pass. However, with every difficult journey, you will be closer to the most aesthetic destinations. When the going gets tough, the tough need to get going, Right? The journey to the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a test of your endurance and adventure, and you will be soaring high up with every achievement.

Remote Cultural Experiences

Being in the remote Himalayan Region, the lifestyle in the Manaslu Circuit Trekking is remote. People follow remotely and are not transitioning into any new culture. They have saved remote cultures like they should always have. When you get to travel to the Manaslu Region, you will be diving into a pool of remote cultural experiences that will soak you fully.

Fewer Travelers. The culturally rich traditions and the lifestyle will certainly influence you in a very positive way.

Fresh Water Lakes

Manaslu Circuit Trek is not only about the villages, trekking trails, and mountains. You will be an aquaholic once you get to the Manaslu Circuit Trekking. You will see a freshwater lake above 3,500m. In addition to this, there are also other freshwater lakes that you will get to explore once you are trekking into the Manaslu Circuit. Birendra Lake and Phunkar Lake are some of the popular lakes in the Manaslu Region that are home to the alpine migratory ducks. If you are lucky enough, you might see a duck in its natural habitat being totally itself at the moment when nature is at its peak.

Inexpensive Trekking Trip to the Himalayas

As Manaslu Trekking Trip is still untouched by many trekkers. Most trekkers don’t really know about one of the most iconic trekking trails in Nepal. Modernization still has not affected the Manaslu Trekking Trip which makes it far more original and authentic to travelers. The aesthetic natural pleasure and tranquility make Manaslu Trekking Trip a life-changing experience. You will be staying at tea-houses and small lodges and will be enjoying the trip to the fullest. The travelers are also fewer in number. All of these make Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trip an inexpensive trip to do with your family members and friends to the Himalayas. With Himalayan Asia Treks, your trek to Manaslu Region gets wings via which you will fly high up to the cloud.

Manaslu Conservation Area

When Nepal is mentioned in any of the topics like mountains, nature, flora, and fauna, or anything else, you can just feel proud. Having a number of Wildlife Reserves, National Parks, Conservation Areas, etc, Nepal has certainly done a lot to conserve the rich biodiversity in the forest. One such great initiation would be the Manaslu Conservation Area Project. The Manaslu Conservation Area is home to approximately 2000 species of plants, 11 types of forest, and over 50 species of plants. If you are lucky enough, you will see the animals in their natural habitat giving you the perfect nature vibes. Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trail is in fact conserved by the Manasu Conservation Area which opens the doors for a full-fledged nature excursion.

Peaceful Monasteries - The Spots for Mental Tranquility

Manaslu Circuit Trek would be a long week walk to the Himalayas where you will be exploring nature like it’s a boon to humanity. And, it indeed is. Nature is a gift to the whole of humanity. You will be walking, resting, running, climbing, and enjoying your trip to the Himalayas exploring nature, culture, traditions, and many more. In the course of exploring, you will visit many peaceful monasteries. The prayer flags soaring in the direction of the wind intensified by the loud prayers accentuated by the sweet smell of the incense sticks will take out your tiredness and charge you up with the energy to explore the world. The sky is never the limit.

Lesson for Life

Every journey you go teaches you something. Even if it’s a short trip to a new place, it teaches you so many new things. Starting from the lifestyle, culture, fooding, and history, you will be opening a book that has so many life lessons for you. The Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2023 can be a book that has so many incredible and useful life lessons for you to follow so that you would progress and make everything sort out in your life. Even if everything doesn't get sorted out, you will have the patience and the energy to fight any situations life puts in front of you. Life before and after the COVID-19 Pandemic taught you so many things, Right? You suffered a lot, I know. But, what about the people in the remote Himalayas? They suffered more. Getting to know about the hardships they faced in the pandemic, and trying to help them in any way. You will feel the essence of what it’s like being born as a human and what duties every human should follow so that everyone can have a sense of mutual understanding and helpfulness.

The Blending Nature of Manaslu Circuit Trekking with other treks

Manaslu Circuit Trek can be blended with Tsum Valley Trekking with a 1-week extension which is a Himalayan Pilgrimage Village that puts forth the ancient art, culture, and religion to you. Annapurna Trekking Trail is a closer trekking trail to the Manaslu Circuit Trek. If you have extra vacation time for traveling, you can think of doing the Manaslu Circuit Trekking with Annapurna Trekking. You just need to consult with the tour planner of Himalayan Asia Treks and he will sort out that for you. It makes a wonderful trekking plan, Right?

Facts about Manaslu Circuit Trek That Will Blow Your Mind For Good

Manaslu Circuit Trekking is not possible without a guide. It is completely restricted to solo trekking. So, when you are making a plan to go to Manaslu Circuit Trek, always think of going with an experienced guide. Life would be so much easier.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is indeed the best off-the-beaten trekking trail in Nepal which is moderately difficult and it demands travelers to walk for more than 6-7 hours every day.

One of the best trekking trails in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek is few of the freshwater lake treks where you will be exploring the holy water of the Himalayas in the form of lakes that have purity and serenity in every droplet.

Manaslu Circuit Trek has a total distance of 177 kilometers. The total walking distance can be changed according to the itinerary as guides start the trek at different start points and end at other tea houses.

Where to book your next Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2023?

2023 is becoming a year that is aspired to bring forward incredible trekking destinations to the table. One of the most iconic anticipated treks in 2023 is Manaslu Circuit Treks. People are trying to explore the underexplored trekking areas of Nepal out of which Manaslu Region is also one. A great trekking experience needs a wonderful tour planner who would be managing and guide you throughout the trip so that your trekking experience becomes a dream come true for him. So, where to actually find that? Well, Himalayan Asia Treks is there for your service.

Having been serving travelers from all around the globe, the experienced tour and trekking guides make your whole journey to the mountains an experience which they will never forget at least in this lifetime. Not only this, HAT provides you a chance to consult with the planner to bring forward any changes in the itinerary as per the convenience which makes it really easy for the travelers to take the trip in a far better way.

Himalayan Asia Treks brings you a range of trekking and tour packages that are reasonable. Bringing Family Tour Packages, Couple Tour Packages, Pilgrimage Tour Packages, and other underrated trekking packages like Manaslu Circuit Trek, and Himalayan Asia Treks has definitely done wonders for promoting off-the-beaten trekking trails to the world, and to no surprise, everyone has loved it to its inner core. So, in 2023 if you are planning for a trip to Manaslu Circuit that would bring a change to your life, Himalayan Asia Treks would be the best choice.

All in all, Manaslu Circuit Trek would be a journey of life lessons, wildlife exploration, getting through the trails while being amazed by the lifestyles, cultures, and jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas that always bring a smile to your face whenever you get to see them even if it’s for once. Himalayan Asia Treks welcomes every traveler from all around the globe to come to the kingdom of Himalayas which doesn’t believe in tall skyscrapers but believes in natural supremacy blended with a cultural and historical touch.

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Top 10 Reasons to Manaslu Circuit Trek 2024

Embarking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P Ltd in 2024 promises an unforgettable journey through some of Nepal's most breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures. Firstly, the trek offers a pristine and less crowded alternative to the more popular routes, allowing for a deeper connection with nature and a genuine sense of exploration. Secondly, the trail boasts unparalleled views of the majestic Himalayan peaks, including the eighth highest mountain in the world, Mount Manaslu, providing ample opportunities for awe-inspiring photography and moments of reflection. Thirdly, Himalayan Asia Treks ensures top-notch safety measures and experienced guides, ensuring a worry-free and enriching trekking experience for all participants. Fourthly, the trek offers a unique cultural immersion, passing through remote villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups such as the Gurungs, Tamangs, and Sherpas, allowing trekkers to learn about their traditions, lifestyles, and cuisine firsthand. Fifthly, the route takes trekkers through enchanting rhododendron forests, alpine meadows, and glacial valleys, offering a diverse and ever-changing landscape to traverse. Sixthly, Himalayan Asia Treks provides customizable itineraries, allowing trekkers to tailor their journey according to their preferences and fitness levels. Seventhly, camping under the starry night skies amidst the serenity of the Himalayas offers a chance for profound introspection and connection with the natural world. Eighthly, the trek supports local communities by utilizing local lodges and hiring local porters, contributing to sustainable tourism and economic development in the region. Ninthly, the Manaslu Conservation Area, through which the trek passes, is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, including elusive snow leopards and endangered Himalayan species, offering trekkers a chance to witness the region's biodiversity firsthand. Lastly, completing the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan Asia Treks in 2024 is not just a physical challenge but also a spiritual journey, leaving participants with cherished memories, newfound friendships, and a profound appreciation for the beauty and resilience of the Himalayas and its people.

Nepal is a Himalayan kingdom. With eight of the ten mountains over 8,000m, Nepal has its identity in front of the world as the country that brings you closer to the Himalayan wilderness. The fun and adventure you will find in the trip to Nepal would be no less than a living dream itself. Out of the ten mountains, Mount Manaslu is the 8th highest mountain in the world with a height of 8,163m.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek, organized by Himalayan Asia Treks, offers a unique and adventurous experience in the Himalayas. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider this trek:
  1. Unspoiled Beauty: The Manaslu region is relatively less crowded than the Annapurna and Everest regions, allowing trekkers to experience unspoiled natural beauty and authentic culture.
  2. Stunning Mountain Views: The trek offers incredible views of the world's eighth highest mountain, Mount Manaslu, as well as other peaks like Himlung Himal, Annapurna II, and Ganesh Himal.
  3. Rich Cultural Heritage: The trek takes you through several traditional Nepalese villages, offering a chance to interact with local people and experience their unique culture, including Tibetan influences.
  4. Less Crowded Trails: Compared to the more popular treks in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit offers a quieter and more peaceful trekking experience, with fewer trekkers on the trail.
  5. Varied Terrain: The trek covers a wide range of landscapes, from lush forests and terraced fields to rugged alpine terrain, providing trekkers with a diverse trekking experience.
  6. Wildlife: The Manaslu Conservation Area is home to diverse flora and fauna. Trekkers may spot endangered species like the snow leopard, red panda, and various species of pheasants.
  7. Adventure and Challenge: The Manaslu Circuit is known for its challenging high mountain passes, such as the Larkya La Pass (5,160 meters), making it a great choice for adventurous trekkers seeking a physically demanding experience.
  8. Teahouse Accommodation: Unlike some treks that require camping, the Manaslu Circuit offers comfortable teahouse accommodation, allowing trekkers to enjoy hot meals and a cozy place to rest each night.
  9. Permit Restrictions: The Manaslu region has permit restrictions, which help in preserving the natural beauty and culture of the area, ensuring a more sustainable and responsible trekking experience.
  10. Off-the-Beaten-Path: For those looking to explore lesser-visited regions in Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit is an ideal choice. It offers a sense of exploration and adventure, away from the crowds.
Overall, the Manaslu Circuit Trek by Himalayan Asia Treks provides an opportunity to experience the best of both natural beauty and cultural richness in a relatively unexplored region of Nepal, making it a memorable trekking adventure for those seeking a unique Himalayan experience.

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