Training Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

  • 2020-06-23
  • by Amrit Chhetri

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Training Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek 

Trekking in Nepal is on the bucket list of every adventure seeker. Nepal is renowned for its Everest Base Camp Trek and why would not it be? You’d be going to the base camp of the tallest mountain in the planet. No doubt this trek is amazing but only when planned and prepared well in advance. Lack of planning may take things towards a direction that you don’t wish to go. Hence, prior to witnessing the mesmerizing EBC Trek, you must take into account the below mentioned tips.


As this trek can be quite challenging you’ve to be fit to accomplish the trek. You’ll walk 5-6 hours every day, so you need to make this a habit before touring to Nepal. You must start your training 1-2 months beforehand the actual trek. You can emphasize on different kinds of training methods to be ready for the adventure. Cardiovascular training is the best way of training as it involves biking, walking and swimming. You can also opt for stair training, hiking and trail running. Strength training is also an effective way to get ready for this trek. You also can go for regular hikes to high altitude places if possible. If you’re fit & well prepared, you can easily adapt to the surrounding and enjoy your trek to the fullest.

Altitude sickness

When you’re traveling to destinations with altitudes, you must be well-informed about this matter. Anyone can experience altitude sickness so you must take appropriate measures to get rid of altitude sickness. There’re 3 types of altitude sickness. Acute mountain sickness is the 1st and most common one. Then there’re other forms of altitude sickness – HAPE & HACE. These 2 can be truly hazardous & need instant medical care. Your body requires time to adjust the thin air in the Himalaya, so walk at a slow & steady tempo. You can also take drugs like Dexamethasone and Acetazolamide to cope with altitude sickness. Yes, it can be a serious issue but you shouldn’t be concerned if you have taken all the essential precautions.

Use local Experience Trekking Company that expertise in trekking

Professional trekking firms have highly trained guides & these guides are exceedingly experienced to make your trekking experience much more enjoyable. You might miss out if you don’t have a guide. Also, they will give you detailed insights about the place and its people. So, choose a local trekking company in Nepal and your experience in Nepal will be a smooth one.

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