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  • 2021-01-27
  • by Amrit Chhetri

Trekking Equipment information in Nepal Trekking are Backpack, Hiking boots ,Camp shoes, Wool socks , Lightweight trekking pants , T-Shirts , Underwear, Long underwear/Wool thermals, Sweater ,Fleece , Waterproof jacket and pants , Heavyweight pants for high elevations , Heavy down jacket , Winter hat, Winter gloves.

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Trekking Equipment information in Nepal Trekking

The equipment that you carry with you for trekking in Nepal will be influenced by where you are trekking, at what time of year and mode of trekking like teahouse or camping trekking. If you are planning camping Trekking in Nepal then your local Trekking Agency in Nepal will arrange for all of your group’s equipment so you need only about personal equipment. The main emphasis regarding equipment should be on keeping you warm and dry while still being reasonably lightweight and compact. For lower or easy trekking package, we suggest a wide range of fleece jackets and pants that will be adequate, while higher or moderate trekking needs down jacket , waterproof and wind proofed jacket and pants are essential as are comfortable , well broken in footwear. For easy trekking or lower trekking altitudes lightweight boots or shoes will be adequate but higher altitude, where snow is likely sturdier footwear is a wise choice.

Head covering is one of the most important things when travelling to mountain region trekking. Peaked caps for sunny days and fleece or wool cap for when it gets cold are the best combination. Other important items to have with you include good sunglasses that give 100% protection against ultraviolet rays, drinking water bottle, spare clothing both warm and light, a torch with spare bulb and batteries, sun block cream, toiletries and a personal first aid kit.

As Himalayan Asia Treks - local trekking in Nepal’s Trip Planner suggest then use the services of a porter then you need to pack the majority of this gear in a duffle bag or similar and carry essential daily needs in a small rucksack. Whether to hire or buy equipment depends entirely on the likelihood of it being used more than just the one time. High cost specialized items such as plastic climbing boots and other hardware are better hired if the intention is to only use them is one time. We suggest, if you come from warm climate country then hire down jackets, sleeping bags.

Checklist for Nepal Himalaya Trekking

  • Book and Map
  • Torch (Headlight)
  • Whistle
  • Washing Kit
  • Toothpaste & brush.
  • Sun cream & lip cream
  • Water bottle
  • Trousers, Underwear, long sleeve T-shirts preferred cotton.
  • Trekking shoes and socks.
  • Sleeping Bags and fleece liner.
  • Toilet papers.
  • Trekking/hiking poles.
  • Fleece & woolen hat.
  • Sunglasses & sun hat.
  • Waterproof jacket, trousers & rucksack.
  • Extra batteries for camera & adaptor for electric plugs.

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