Vital Trekking Gears to Pack While Trekking in Nepal

  • 2021-07-13
  • by Amrit Chhetri

Trekking gear makes your trekking more comfortable and easier if you choose the best trekking gear list. If you are a regular trekker/hiker, then you can buy high-quality trekking gear. Otherwise, you can take on rent in Kathmandu and Pokhara. You can take rent like hiking boots, sleeping bags, and a jacket.

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After choosing where and when to go for trekking, the next most imperative thing is to figure out what gears and packing materials are required to trek. Unquestionably, trekking in Nepal isn't simple. However, there are simple ones still why take even little risk when the hardest is the most productive one; as far as the landscape, difficulties, and extraordinary experience are concerned. Taking vital things with you can make your adventure very much more accessible. The less demanding you feel, the better it is for you to appreciate the trekking and the enjoyable nation. The following things are prescribed to pack with you during a multi-day trekking tour in Nepal.

Vital Trekking Gears trekking in Nepal


      An essential lightweight rucksack is highly all you should require on a trek. Abstain from taking over the edge with more than 5-7lb pack.


     If you prefer the boots and plan to trek in the snow-filled area, ensure boots are lightweight and break them in before your climb. The waterproof, light ankle supports some toe room.


     A water bottle is good to have packed in your backpack so you can have water while you're idling around. Water sources are abundant along trails; thus, you seldom expected to climb with more than 1-2L. Plastic bottles are exceptionally lightweight and straightforward to fill; however, an aluminum bottle will keep going longer and can be sturdier when climbing or struggling.


      Pants made of an instant dry material and with many pockets are the best to keep for trekking purposes.


      Keep both upper and bottom thermals as they will make your trek significantly more comfortable.


      It is required for insurance from wind and rain. The jacket can buy in Kathmandu, yet it is wiser to bring one from your home country.


      Unless trekking at high elevation or in the winter, you may not require a scarf and gloves during the day as it gets hot trekking throughout the day. Though when the sun drops, and you sink into your cabin, temperatures can dive.

  • GAITERS (Optional):

     This assists in keeping boots and pants dry while trekking through snow or on the wet area.


      Since it will be sunny when trekking in the mountains, regardless of the cold weather.


      Sometimes you will require refilling your water bottles from outside taps. Having Steri Pen or just cheap, simple chlorine or iodine drops can make almost any water safe for drinking.


      Ensure your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months after your outing finishes to abstain from difficulties at the customs and has at least two total pages free for details of the visa.


      Keeping the camera is a must to capture beautiful scenes during your trek. Also, one additional battery ought to be kept as charging can, in some cases, be somewhat of an issue. Likewise, you can't charge when you don't have a charger.


     Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, floss, tissues, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer.

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