Volunteer Tour in Nepal

  • 2023-06-29
  • by Amrit Chhetri

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Volunteer Tour in Nepal

A Volunteer is a person who gets involved in an enterprise to do some task free. Volunteering is the act of individual or group providing free labor and time. It is more like giving happiness and service without any motive of profit. Volunteering in Nepal has been gaining popularity over a couple of years. Volunteering is also a great platform to gain experience, boosting your work ethic. There is a lot of information regarding volunteering in Nepal, which we will explore today.

Volunteering is a great initiative that makes you go deep into a particular task and explore the ins and outs of it. There are a lot of areas where you can volunteer here in Nepal. It starts from animal shelters to NGOs. All you need to have is interest, work ethic, and the thought of serving people free.

Many international travelers have a question regarding how can they help local people in Nepal and how can we learn local culture? Well, helping others has no boundaries. You can provide help from any part of the world as of now and exchange experiences. There are various donate me campaigns on social media to contribute. However, you need to pay proper attention to whether your help reaches the respective parties or not.

Talking about volunteering in Nepal is quite a complicated process for some. As for that, you need to have a good profile and the hunger to serve people for free. There are many areas where you can volunteer and help people.

Volunteering Opportunities in Nepal

You can get involved in many NGOs and INGOs for volunteering in Nepal. You can assist NGOs and INGOs by participating in various social campaigns. Volunteering opportunities are abundant in Nepal. You can provide your valuable time and energy for doing the tasks. It is a great way to return happiness and service to those who need it.

Volunteering opportunities in Nepal include:

  • Street Animals Rescuing and Nourishing
  • Volunteering work in medical areas
  • Helping in childcare programs
  • Contributing to maternal healthcare programs
  • Sanitation and Cleanliness programs
  • Taking care of street children
  • Teaching programs to older adults and children
  • Elephant Conservation Volunteer Programs

Volunteering in monasteries in Nepal

The opportunities of volunteering in Nepal are limitless. Another popular volunteering opportunity in Nepal is of volunteering in monasteries of Nepal. Volunteers in monasteries in Nepal can teach many subjects like Science, Mathematics, and English to the monks every day. A typical teaching session lasts for about 3-4 hours.

In addition to this, you can also participate in creative and fun activities with the monks. You need to keep in mind that as you are working in a culturally sensitive environment, you must follow the rules imposed by the Buddhist monastery. The best part about volunteering in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal is that you get to learn about Buddhist culture and explore the incredible meditation techniques.

Some FAQs regarding volunteering in Nepal

How can I volunteer in Nepal?

Nepal has been one of the most famous countries for most INGOs and NGOs to work. It covers rescuing street animals, childcare programs, and rescuing street children. As already mentioned, there are volunteer projects for many areas, and you can choose a particular project according to your expertise and interest.

Both skilled and unskilled programs are there to choose from. For instance, If you have spent your time in construction works or have any interest in construction activities, it is perfect for you to volunteer for construction projects. There is a variety of tasks that suits everyone. There is a lot to choose from women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and business marketing to childcare and working in an orphanage. It perfectly answers the question- “Can I volunteer in Nepal?”

There is enough sadness already in the world, and it is now the time to give back happiness. Being a volunteer can be the first step to giving joy to those who need it.

Note: There are no provisions for a volunteer visa in Nepal. So, you should obtain Tourist Visa. Visitors are allowed to stay in Nepal for 150 days per calendar year. or Contact us

How to become a volunteer for NGOs?

NGO stands for a non-government organization. It is an institution that operates for the betterment of a particular group without any motive of profit. It operates independently from the government. NGOs are organized on community, national, and international levels.

Becoming a volunteer for NGOs is a massive step to giving back to the world where we live. The first step of becoming an NGO volunteer is researching what type of NGO you are interested in working with. It can be a large international or national NGO or a small organization.

Being realistic and knowing where to look eases your journey of becoming a volunteer. As the volunteering position for the NGO is competitive, you need to make sure you have fulfilled requirements so that it never gets hard to comply with the required procedure.

After researching everything about the position, NGO, and the requirement procedure, you can apply for the volunteering position. You need to make sure you apply before the deadline. Following up, you will get notified about the remaining process. If you are capable enough and do well in the interview, you get selected and can now work for the NGO. Some NGOs also provide training if it is needed. That’s how you can volunteer in Nepal, being in an NGO.

How much does a Nepal trip cost?

Nepal has been the dream place for many travelers around the world. It falls on the list of top 20 economical countries to visit in the world. Whenever a plan of traveling to a place comes, the first thing that is looked upon is the cost of the trip. Same as that, a Nepal trip costs depends on what you will be doing in Nepal. According to some reports, the average price of a 7-day trip to Nepal is around $1200 for a solo traveler and about $700 for a family of four. Meanwhile, if you are planning for a trek to the Nepal Himalayas, it depends on the overall cost of the tours.

In conclusion, Volunteering is a great service back to humanity. Initiatives regarding volunteering provide an amazing deal of service and a sense of help to people who need it. Thus, Volunteering in Nepal has always been a great deal of compassion and service to the community.

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