Travel Insurance and Emergency Rescue in Trekking in Nepal

  • 2021-01-27
  • by Amrit Chhetri

Trekking has always remained one of the popular activities among adventure lovers opt to go for a trekking or tour in Nepal. However, along with enjoyment and thrills, trekking activities sometimes cause danger of life or huge amount of expense. In this situation, it is essential for every individual trekker to get two important services or coverage i.e. trekking insurance and emergency rescue services in Nepal.

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Significance of Trekking Insurance:

If you do not get Trekking insurance in Nepal, you not only put your life in danger, but also end up bearing a huge cost associated with your bank account and your health. Trekking in Nepal involves a few obvious afflictions, such as breaking bone or sprained ankle. Moreover, a few trekkers may experience not so obvious types of afflictions, which include food poisoning, altitude sickness, hypothermia, skin infections, appendix ruptures and respiratory infections.
If any among the aforementioned incidents take place while you reach at 4,900 feet, you require a helicopter for landing down or come back for your treatment in Kathmandu. Helicopter evacuation in the Kathmandu City of Nepal costs at least 5,000 dollars USD, which does not remain included in any in-flight medical services or treatment in hospital.
Because of this only cost, most of the insurance companies do not cover the trekking costs fully. Good hospitals are rate in Nepal and charge a huge amount of money to provide necessary medical care to trekkers. Thus, without getting an appropriate travel insurance coverage, you will end up paying a huge bill.

Emergency Rescue Services

Most of the trekkers face big difficulties while they travel in mountain regions or Nepal Himalaya Trekking. They have to prepare fully to upcoming destinations belonging to the mountaineering/mountainous sector. You may suffer from various health problems, injuries, altitude sickness and may require immediate medical attention and medical support.
Because of these facts/reasons, our Himalayan Asia Treks organize evacuation and rescue services almost everywhere in the mountains for trekkers and other individuals, in case they require it. To each individual, including expedition team members suffering from an injury or getting sick requires prompt medical solutions.
Hence, experienced tour and trekking operators of Himalayan Asia Treks analyze the geography of mountains and sorts of accidents, which may take place at the time of hiking or trekking in the Himalayan region. Even we alert the entire rescue and evacuation team within no time once we notice any emergency and conduct immediate arrangements to help trekkers.
Trekking in the Himalayan mountain region is obviously a daunting task and crisis may arise at any time or in any situation. Thus, with the aim to overcome this crisis, we organize helicopter and/or chopper rescue team to save lives and give proper treatment to trekkers on a top priority. We solely believe that human beings may fight with almost everything, but not with harsh weather and this may take place any time especially in the Himalayan mountain region, because of which we organize rescue arrangement is essential to save valuable lives.

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